#58: February’s Daily Makeup Routine and Products

Hello Fashionistas 🙂 First post of February! Have a nice month everyone and I hope that you really do enjoy the last month of Winter. So today, I will introduce you to my daily makeup routine and my favourite products that I am currently using and can not do without. I will split my routine to step-by-step while also describing the products. So, let’s begin! … Continue reading #58: February’s Daily Makeup Routine and Products

#39: Matte Lips

Hello Fashionistas 🙂 How is everyone? We have now officially entered the Autumn season and everyone is returning to his/her routine. Some of us are returning to work, and many of you are facing a major change in your lives as you are about to leave your homes to study abroad at Universities, where new fascinating experiences are expecting you so I want to wish you … Continue reading #39: Matte Lips

#25: April’s Favourites

Hello Fashionistas 🙂 So finally, it’s Sunday and I’m over and done with my final solo recital and with 90% of the written work I have to hand in so I’m really happy as I’m one step away from receiving the title of Professional Musician! So what are your plans for the upcoming week? The Orthodox Easter is also near so have you dyed your … Continue reading #25: April’s Favourites

Post #6: Lipstick Addiction

Hello Fashionistas 🙂 Holidays are officially over and from today everyone is back to their daily routines. I am also leaving Cyprus soon to go back to Manchester, however I am looking forward to because in a months time I will be travelling to Dusseldorf and Milan for Milan Fashion Week as the buying season for Fall/Winter 2016 starts. Apart from this, I can not … Continue reading Post #6: Lipstick Addiction