The Queen’s Closet Bachelorette; G goes to Rome & Amalfi Coast

Buongiorno Fashionistas ☺️

Come stai? I am very well, just a bit frustrated with all the wedding preparations as there’s only a month and a half left but I think we’re slowly getting there!!

So now, I’m finally back in Cyprus after an amazing trip with my two Maids of Honour and my stunning Bridesmaids but I still have two more trips until the wedding because there’s the business trips as well.

However, today I will be sharing with you my latest trip to Rome and Amalfi Coast as the bachelorette trip. This time as I already said, I travelled with my Maids of Honour and Bridesmaids who are also my first cousins.

This was a trip I’ve been wanting to do for a very long time now, and I was actually thrilled with the fact that all the girls were willing to make that true. We’ve actually been planning this trip for a year now (and I still can’t believe it’s already over). Nevertheless, there’s only one thing to say about it; IT WAS TOTALLY WORTH IT. You all guys just have to do the Amalfi Coast trip.

Whatever I say, no matter how many pictures I upload, nothing will do justice to this place. I just can not capture what you feel when you’re there, when you look at those spectacular views and walk by the coast; it’s a constant feeling. Every morning, every afternoon, every minute of the day, you are filled with feelings you’ve never felt before.

We spent one day in Rome (which I also loved as Rome is stunning and cultural, and stylish, and chic, and beautiful and and and) and then we left the next day early in the morning for Positano. Our plans were to explore as much as we could of the Amalfi Coast and so we did.

Our hotel was in Praiano, which I highly recommend to be honest as it is more quieter than all the other areas on the Amalfi Coast and yet it was exactly next to Positano. If you’re ever planning to go there, book Hotel Margherita; the staff is friendly, the bus stop is exactly outside and the view is extraordinary. I will definitely be returning to Hotel Margherita.

Once we arrived in Praiano, we had a quick change of clothes and took the bus to Positano which took us literally 20 minutes. We got to spend our first day in Positano, so our first impression was just WOW!

Then for our second day we already had booked a private boat for the day to go around the Amalfi Coast with the company Positano Boats, which I highly recommend. That day was the best day ever despite the fact that the weather was a bit windy so we got a bit sea-sick. It was like living the Italian dream. Seriously guys, if you’re ever in Amalfi, you have to do the coast by boat. We were planning to do Capri on that day but the weather was inappropriate for that, so we did Amalfi instead so we saw Amalfi too, which is actually the center and the most known on the Amalfi Coast.

For our third day we were planning to go to Bagni D’Arienzo, a beach bar in Positano but the weather did not allow us to do so as the beach bar closed down due to the wind coming towards Positano. So, instead we decided to wander around and explore Positano center.

On our fourth day we decided to make a day trip to Ravello, another hidden gem of the Amalfi Coast; you really have to visit and feel it.

Below, you’ll find all my recommendations for Amalfi Coast and a few for Rome (as we only had one day there).


Gelato Ice cream



Places to Visit

-Fontana Di Trevi

-Spanish Steps


-Piazza Navona



Africana Famous Club

Music on the Rocks

For drinks

Franco’s Bar

-Le Sirenuse Champagne Bar

Ristorante Bruno

For food

Chez Black

Don Giovanni

-La Sponda (Le Sirenuse)

-Ristorante Max

Places to Visit


Marina Grande Beach

Bagni D’Arienzo

Church of Santa Maria Assunta

Fornillo Beach

Center of Positano (Mulini)

Le Sirenuse (hotel)

Hotel Marincanto

Villa Treville


Voce e Notte Sunset Bar

Marina Di Praia

San Luca Evangelista


Blue Grotto


Punta Carena Lighthouse

Via Tragara


Emerald Cave

Amalfi Cathedral

Valle delle Ferriere

Amalfi Paper Museum


Villa Rufolo

Villa Cimbrone Gardens


Marina Grande

Old Town

Piazza Tasso

Bellevue Sirene


Church of San Salvatore di Birecto

Church of Santa Maria Madalena

Grotta di Masaniello

Grotta of Saints

Small beach of Atrani


Drink Limoncello

Eat Lemon Sorbet Ice cream

Eat Pizza & Pasta

Buy souvenirs

Take a boat tour along Amalfi Coast

Enjoy the views

At this point, I have to say that Amalfi Coast is the most beautiful destination I’ve been to so far. And I will be definitely returning.

I want to thank my Maids of Honour and Bridesmaids for making this trip happen. I can’t imagine of a better Hen Do for The Queen’s Closet by G. We’ve been planning this trip for a year, and I can’t believe it’s now over. What’s the most important though, is the fact that we had an amazing time, we all loved every single moment of this trip and we didn’t want to leave.

Thank you girls; Christina, Anna, Despina, Melina, Georgia, Yiota, Georgia, Dora for bearing with me and thank you for organising the best Hen Do I could possibly imagine!! You’re all so different but so special, I am proud to say you’re my family.

And especially thank you to my two stunning Maids Of Honour, Christina and Anna for being by my side, for making sure everything runs smoothly and nice and for always wanting to make everything so perfect. I love you all girls ❤

Till the next one!!

For any more details about Amalfi Coast pop an email and I would gladly inform you about everything I know.

Peace & Love,




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