Six Ways to wear Hair Clips; the trend of the season

Hola Fashionistas ☺️

How is everyone? It’s already May and the sun is finally shining; here in Cyprus they even started visiting the beach (I haven’t yet as I get cold easily and can’t bear with cold water 🥶)

Are you getting ready for Summer? Have you booked your summer holidays? I’ve already got two trips booked and I’m so excited; I can not wait to share them with you!

Sooooo today, I am publishing the first post of a series of posts that are about to follow and they are hair related because we girls, want out hair always on fleek don’t we? I’m also super duper excited to share with you the fact that my line of hair clips, scrunchies, bandanas and all sorts of hair accessories has already launched and the first batch is already sold out but don’t you worry; the second batch is on its way!!!! So make sure that you do follow me on Instagram so that you are up to date and you can also purchase them from there.

We have seen pearl hair clips all over Instagram and up until now the reactions I’ve seen are either Love it or Hate it. To be honest, I was one of those who said some are very big and would never wear them yet, I did some digging and discovered that there are so many different designs and you can easily adjust this hair trend to your liking. I mean, I loved the idea of hair clips coming back in fashion but I wouldn’t go for the massive ones. I would wear though thinner ones with less pearls and maybe even stack 4 or 5 together.

And that got me thinking; why don’t I bring and sell the hair clips I saw and loved? Everyone who saw me wearing them, loved them and asked me where I got them from and everyone wanted to buy them. And that is how everything started. The hair clips became scrunchies, the scrunchies bandanas and so on…

Sooo today, I will be sharing with you two new things! Firstly, my collaboration with Petros Sofokleous, a young promising hair stylist where we will be doing a few posts about hairstyles and so on. Secondly, I will be sharing with you some styles from my hair clips collection and soon another post is coming up with some more insights on my hair clips collection!

What are your thoughts on hair clips?

And do you like my hair clips? ☺️🙈

I will be back soon!!

Peace & Love,




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