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Hello Fashionistas ☺️

How are you?

We all girls, love trying out new stuff especially when it comes to beauty products and cosmetics. Well, I personally do and I also know a few others who are like me as well. Five or ten lipsticks will never be enough and sticking with only one brand is never the case.

Especially nowadays, where numerous cosmetics brands have appeared in the market that we never knew they existed. The options are countless and the makeup trends always suggest something more, something extra, therefore new products are being released almost every day making it so hard to keep up to date with all!

Well, I try to, but sometimes I fail 😂 Yet, I love the fact that new brands have been evolving and freshly made ideas are introduced to us daily. Our makeup routines have become more fun and allow us to experiment more with colours, effects and textures.

Over the last two years, I have tried out products from many different brands while before, I was actually using products from only two cosmetic brands (shocking right?). I was just afraid to try out new products and that was wrong. On the other hand though, we always have to be careful with the products we use on our face and firstly check whether we have any allergies or so. It is very important to know what works for our skin type and what not.

Today, I will try and update you with some of the products I have tried lately or want (need) to try, with shoppable links for those who might want to know where to find each product or maybe even buy it! The products and brands that I will suggest to you, are tested and guaranteed that they are of good quality 😉

I currently use most of Huda Beauty’s products and I’m thrilled by this brand. Still not an owner of this palette but having in mind the other ones I use, this one is on my must haves list.

I have tried three different shades of Becca skin perfector and I’m in love. The texture, the shimmer, the long-lasting effect, everything. Try it out and you’ll thank me.

Another tested product that I can actually guarantee for. Loved it from the very first minute, total black, light, not so runny; believe me, it’s worth it.

Along with Huda Beauty’s primer, this one is the best I’ve used so far. However, I can’t say the same about Urban Decay De Slick Complexion Primer, but at the end of the day this depends on someone’s skin type.

By far, the best lipsticks I have ever tried. I just love them, they are so soft, the shades are amazing, they are long lasting and they make you feel really nice. Some shades I would suggest;

Penelope Pink

Kim. K. W

Bitch Perfect

Secret Salma

You can’t go wrong with any Morphe palette. Affordable, good quality, a variety of shades to mix & match; Morphe Palettes are the thing you have to have at home when you’re relaxed and in the mood to experiment with your eye shadows. 350 Nature Glow is one of the most popular ones and from personal experience, the shades and options are endless with this babe.

For its price, this concealer is a miracle. Seriously guys, the texture, the coverage, the shades, it is amazing. If you’re not into getting a higher priced concealers, then this is the one you’d be looking for.

Anyone who has tried Urban Decay Setting sprays, only says the best about them. I am one of them, who has only tried the cherry one but will definitely going back to the brand for another one.

This is the perfect and ideal to carry around item. Fits in every single bag, even in a wallet, so practical and useful. Everyone should own AT LEAST one. With Euforia atomiser, you can carry your perfume anywhere with you and that is something we all want. What’s even better? The fact that it’s only €10 for 5ml and €12 for 8 ml!

So far, I have almost tried all Huda Beauty products and I’ve been satisfied by every single one of them. At the moment, I am obsessing over the lipsticks which I have’t tried yet, but will be included in next cosmetic/beauty products purchase. It’s actually on my list and it should be on yours too.

Even though I haven’t tried a products from this brand yet, I have only heard the best by a few people who have done so. I am curious to see for myself and I am challenging you to try them out too. They are a big thing at the moment and the brand is considered to have some of the best highlighter, shiners in the market right now so do, think about it.

Negin Mirsalehi has successfully launched a range of products with main element of my favourite ingredients; honey. I haven’t tried anything yet from her range, but will be doing so very soon. This texturizing spray is definitely one of my top picks to purchase.

So this is it for now my fashionistas. I will be back soon with more products.

P.S Have you tried any of these products? If yes, a review would be appreciated in the comments section. I would love to read your thoughts.

Peace & Love,




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