Suit up for Spring

Hi Fashionistas ☺️

How are we today? Any news? What are your plans for this month? It’s Spring but it’s still like Winter in Cyprus, and I know that I’ve already said it, but it’s so shocking for us!

Nevertheless, since the stores are filled with Spring and Summer Collections and I’ve been receiving all my personal orders, I just have to start sharing with you Spring outfits and looks to get you into the mood, colour palettes, styles, trends because we have to be informed and updated in advance, don’t you agree? 😉

For those who have been reading my posts for a while now, they probably have come to realise that I’m a suit, co-ords and blazer lover. And with the transition period getting closer and closer, suits and blazers seem like the ideal choice.

When it comes to monochromatic suits, I always prefer getting matching tops with bottoms and I advice you to do the same. Well not only with monochromatic but with print suits as well. The reason? You can create various and multiple looks, either by wearing them together or separately so you invest on two pieces, which will then become a base for other looks in the future.

It does not mean that getting a suit, should only be worn as a suit. I mean, just think about it 🤔 Blazers can be worn with jeans, with wide leg trousers, with skirts, on top of dresses or jumpsuits and give a different attitude to the whole perspective of your outfit. On the other hand a pair of trousers can be dressed up or down either with a t-shirt, a shirt, a silk blouse, with a biker or any leather jacket, always depending on the occasion. So invest today, thank me later 😘

What I’m so excited about, is the fact that suits can take you anywhere from day to night by simply changing your shoes. NOTHING ELSE. Or maybe even your handbag 🙂 Awesome right? During Milan Fashion Week for example, I started my day in a suit wearing my sneakers as I was heading to the exhibitions and my buying sessions and appointments. As the day was moving on and I had to attend a couple of events, I just changed my sneakers to a pair of stilettos and I was ready to make an appearance.

And what’s even cooler now? The fact that suits come in many different bright colours and prints allowing us women, to experiment and play around our basic pieces and adding statement pieces to make the difference.

And by saying this, today I will be showing you some of my favourite suits worn as actual suits and on a later post I will show you how to incorporate your suit pieces into other outfits. How does that sound to you?

Suit #1

Suit #2

Suit #3

Suit #4

Suit #5

Suit #6

Suit #7

Suit #8

Which is your favourite suit? And what are you currently obsessing with?

Peace & Love,




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