The Queen’s Closet by G goes to Bucharest

Hi my lovely Fashionistas 🙂

Another week has gone, already mid of March and it’s unbelievable. What’s even more shocking is the fact that in Cyprus it’s still Winter, something unusual for us. Nevertheless, a Spring trip was required and this time me and my fiancé chose Bucharest.

We needed a short weekend trip and by exploring our options, we came to a conclusion that Bucharest might be the perfect choice. We’ve also wanted for a very long time to visit their spa Therme Bucuresti and this was a great opportunity for us. And honestly, I certainly recommend it because it’s an amazing once in a lifetime experience. At least, one of the bests we’ve had so far!

To be completely honest, we weren’t so keen on Bucharest and the main reason we decided to go was the spa. However, after being there, we’ve come to realise that Bucharest has got much more to offer. Apart from what it has to offer, it’s relatively a cheap country compared to other European countries allowing you to enjoy a holiday on a budget (kinda).

Well, okay this mainly depends on how you want to spend your days and on which stuff you decide to spend your money on, yet for us, compares to other trips we’ve had, this was by far a on a budget holiday.

So, if you’re in search for your next destination, Bucharest should definitely be on your list!

Foodwise, I can’t say I was stunned but maybe this is because I don’t eat meat and they eat a lot of meat of there. My Sofoklis liked the food so I won’t be judging any further as it would be kinda bias 😂

But the spa, oh the spa, still dreaming of Therme Bucuresti! The feeling of being in that water, enjoying my cocktails, swimming outside while it’s freezing cold and being relaxed with no pressure, no other thoughts, just tranquility. Simple as that.

Our only regret was that we did not stay one more day to go to Dracula’s mansion, something I’ve always wanted to do. This though, creates an excuse to visit again 😂

Nevertheless, for those who follow me on Instagram, they could see from my stories that it was unbelievable. For those who are not following me or haven’t seen my stories then watch my latest video and you’ll see how beautiful it is. 🙂

Places to Visit

  • Therme Bucuresti (it’s a MUST)
  • Caru’Cu Bere
  • Parklane Mall
  • Parliament Bucharest
  • Bucharest Old Town
  • Transylvanian Castle (Dracula)

Places to Dine & Drink

  • Caru’cu Bere
  • Grand Cafe Van Gogh
  • Cremeria Emilia
  • Freddo Bar & Lounge
  • City Grill Covaci

So that’s from me for today. Next post coming up from The Queen’s Closet by G will definitely be fashion oriented 😉 stay tuned.

P.S. what do you think of the small videos I’ve been making lately? Should I continue doing them? Would love your feedback guys 🙂

Peace & Love,




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