Valentines Gifts Ideas

Hi Fashionistas 🙂

How is everyone? I promised that this time round I would be posting more often and I’m keeping my word.

I’m also very excited to be sharing with you the fact that more sections and categories will be added to the blog and new people will also be contributing. To begin with, I am adding a new category concerning shopping, where I will be showcasing my favourite products and items or items on trend and hot picks with links of where to purchase them from.

Following that, the blog will also welcome Miss Ivana Popovich where you can find her on Instagram as The Wonderberry 

This is consequently followed by another new category, where you will be able to find fun, easy, healthy recipes as well as insights and secrets of superfoods, spices, and everything that has to do with cooking.

For now, I am finally posting in the new section called Shopping and even though a bit late to be suggesting Valentines gift ideas, I am guessing that some of you might have also been a bit late with their purchases or might be stuck, therefore I decided to create a Valentines Day Shopping list regardless the fact that it’s only 5 days away.

Either you’re looking for a gift or to shop for yourself, these are my top pics for both him and her. Affordable, thoughtful and fun.


  1. Fujifilm Instax Mini 9

The cutest polaroid camera ever and a camera every girl will love.

2. Christian Louboutin Lipstick

The lipstick that every girl or woman wants to own.

3. A Huda Beauty Eyeshadow Palette

One of the best selling cosmetics brand at the moment – you can never go wrong with a Huda palette.

4. BECCA shimmering skin perfector

One of the best highlighters in the market – trust me and she’ll love it 😍

5. Typo Marbled shower speaker

Who doesn’t love taking a shower while listening to music? If it’s stylish, then even better. Buy it now, thank me later!

6. Ideal of Sweden X Hannalicious

A brand new stylish case to dress up their phones seems like a good idea. Have you checked out Ideal of Sweden? They’ve got amazing stuff and brand new collections like Hannalicious x Ideal of Sweden. What’s best is that you can treat yourselves to 20% off your orders with the code I am giving you. Just copy and paste it during checkout

Code: ID20-GZ443

7. A Mockberg Watch

Minimal, elegant, beautiful, useful; all in just one watch. Get 15% off at checkout with my special code GEORGIAD2019

8. Gigi x Vogue Sunglasses

Kinda vintage and ultra trendy, every woman has envied those efortless photos of Gigi wearing the Gigi x Vogue eyewear collection and every woman has imagined herself wearing a pair.


1. Persol Sunglasses

Persol is a brand with classic shapes; you can never go wrong with a pair of Persol. As seen on Zac Effron, I have attached this pair, which is a classy one and one of the most popular styles.

2. Typo Portable Wireless Speaker

Men love things that look nice and are practical as well, so if they are into gadgets then this is a great choice.

3. Fizz Ultimate Apron

If your man is into cooking then this is the best apron you could get him.

4. A Just Cavalli belt

A belt is a classic gift for him, but belts are to men what are handbags to women. Here, I have attached a Just Cavalli belt that will definitely make a difference to their outfits.

5. Dolce & Gabbana cardholder

A cardholder is always useful for men, and for those who don’t own one then they don’t know it yet. Get them one and you’ll see what I mean. This Dolce & Gabbana one is leather, minimal and only €130.

6. A pair of Calvin Klein shoes

A pair of black shoes is always in when it comes to men. I found you a pair of Calvins which is now on sale too so what’s better than this?

7. A Tommy Hilfiger scarf

February is cold, therefore a scarf is a great choice for men. Choose this one so they can wear it with their jeans and puffer coats.

8. Crystal Head Vodka Aurora limited edition vodka

Men and alcohol goes together and most of them like limited edition bottles that they can decorate and kinda show off to their friends. Crystal Vodka is one of those vodkas that they will like adding to their collections.

What do you think of this new section? Would love to find out what your opinion is ❤️

Wishing you all an amazing Valentines Day 🥰

Peace & Love,




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