The Queen’s Closet by G goes to Vienna & Berlin

Oh hi Fashionistas!!!!

How are you? It’s been so long since my last post! And it feels so good to be back! I have been so pressured the past few months and I was trying to set up the page so I didn’t have any time to write but I kpromise that you’ll be seeing a lot more from now on.

I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and that the New Year will bring to all of you everything you desire, succeed all the goals you have set and have an amazing, extraordinary year. 2019 is so special for me as I am getting married in September 🙂

So my first post of 2019 is our trip to Vienna and Berlin. It’s been almost two months since we’ve been there but I really wanted to share our experience with you guys.

On the 2nd of December we left from Larnaca heading to Vienna with my Sofoklis, my brother-in-law Petros and two friends of ours; Panayiotis and Demetra and my sister-in-law Emiliana joined us later on and then on the 5th of December we left from Vienna and headed to Berlin.


Day 1 

Vienna welcomed us with a bit of snow but that didn’t keep us from wandering around the city. We went to the hotel, left our luggages, changed our clothes and headed towards St. Stephens Cathedral, an iconic spot of Vienna, where we also had a taste of their Christmas Markets. We then walked to Cafe Central where we had to wait in line outside in order to be seated as it is one of the most famous cafes in Vienna. Despite the cold, we did wait for about 20 minutes but once we were seated we realised that it was totally worth it. Either you’re going for just a coffee or for lunch, it is a place you must visit. After Cafe Central we walked to Rathausplatz, where the biggest Christmas market is located and it was magical! Vienna is so beautiful during Christmas. At night we went for drinks to So Vienna, which is located on the top floor of Sofitel and honestly, if you’re ever in Vienna you just have to go there.

Day 2

Our second day was a freezing day, we must’ve hit 0 degrees. That however, did not prevent us from going around Vienna. We took the Hop On Hop Off bus like proper tourists and our first stop was at the Vienna State Opera. A magnificent building, so beautiful, so bold, so big, so majestic; I was stunned. It is there where we bought our tickets for Madama Butterfly (I will come back to this later). From there, we got the bus again and headed towards Schoenbrunn Palace and later on to Belvedere Palace. I must say here, that I loved both; I actually can not say which one is nicer. We then stopped for a quick dinner and I have to say here that I didn’t enjoy any good food so far because in Vienna they mostly eat meat and I don’t, however the others had some really good schnitzel at Cafe Central. From there we ran back at our hotel to get ready for Madama Butterfly; yes, I lived the dream of watching this Opera and it was out of this world. Simply amazing. That was it for our second day in Vienna.

Day 3

Our last day in Vienna was more relaxed; we visited once more St.Stephens Cathedral and from there we wandered a bit around the shops. We also went back to Rathausplatz, as we wanted to experience that magical feeling of the Christmas Markets one last time. Right before our dinner time we also visited Mozarts’ House. From there we went to Griechenbeisl Restaurant, which is one of the oldest restaurants in Vienna and finally I found something I could actually eat and it tasted great aswell; best food we ate in Vienna and highly recommended! Later on we went once more to SO Vienna just because you can’t have enough of it; the view is just spectacular. We had an early sleep because we out flight to Berlin was early in the morning.


Day 1

Another day, another adventure. Landed in Berlin and all excited about it. We took a cap from the airport to the Hotel (we stayed in Mitte, to be more precise Leonardo Hotel Mitte), left our luggage and headed towards the Metro. From there we took the line to Alexander Platz where Berliner Fernsehturm is; a television town where you can go up and enjoy a panoramic view of Berlin. Alexander Platz is one of the most famous areas in Berlin, with loads of restaurants, cafes and shops. We stopped for a quick lunch and then decided to do Berlin on foot. From the tower we went towards Museum Island, passed through Christmas Markets (every platz in Berlin has its Christmas Markets) and decided to do the tour inside the Museum. Best part; when you reach top floor (I have to worn; the stairs are way too many but the view is so worth it). We saw the whole of Berlin during sunset; it was actually the best part of the day. The entrance fee was very little so anyone in Berlin; just do it. After the museum we walked back to Alexander Platz where we had a glass of wine at the Christmas Markets and checked out some local stores like Kaufhof. From there we went back to our hotel, changed our clothes and went to Potsdamer Platz, another famous area in Berlin where we enjoyed some street food from the Christmas markets there and also visited Sony Center, which is so beautiful. Our day ended there.

Day 2

Our second day was the most tiring of the entire trip but it ended up being the most interesting. Our day started with Branderburg Gate, followed by Reichstag Building; Berlin Parliament. From there we walked to the Memorial to the Murdered Jews; which was shocking. On foot we also reached Checkpoint Charlie and then we continued on to Topography of Terror and I have to say, all of these are so worth visiting. From there we continued our walking tour, where we finally reached Berlin Wall, the biggest part of the wall that remained which is full of meaningful graffitis. I have to say that on that day we walked nearly 20 km so you can imagine how big the distances are. After viewing all these, we just needed a cup of coffee and some relaxation so we went to Mall of Berlin and enjoyed a coffee there, while we visited some of their shops as well. Obviously after all this walking, we didn’t have any energy to go for drinks or clubbing but we did have a change of clothes and went to a restaurant called Peter Pane where we ate the best burgers ever! I just loved the fact that they had so many different veg options so for the first time in this trip, I couldn’t choose and I really enjoyed my food.

Day 3

Our third day in Berlin and last day of our trip had sadly arrived. Even though we were sad that this experience was coming to an end, we were excited that we had one more day in Berlin. We took the Metro and stopped at KaDeWe, which is like the Berlin Version of Harrods. We spent a few hours there as there were so many things to check out. From there we visited one last time Sony Center and enjoyed a cup of coffee at Starbucks. After our break we headed back to Alexander Platz, where we had some wine and wandered around the Christmas Markets. For our last night we decided to try something different so we went to an all you can eat Asian cuisine, which we liked but the highlight of the night was the bar we visited; Meisterschueler.  The cocktails are out of this world and with such a nice cocktail it was time to go to the hotel, pack our stuff and have an early sleep as we were leaving early in the morning.

So that was it from our latest travelling experience; good memories, extraordinary moments, loads of laugh; Vienna and Berlin you have both been amazing.

P.S. our friends are who made this trip even better!

Till the next one!

Which is your next destination?

Peace & Love,




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