Co-ords; My top picks

Hello Fashionistas 😊

How are you today? What have you been up to lately? Summer is here and in Cyprus the weather is getting hotter day by day. However, it’s still cold at nights and for people like me who get cold in an instance, a but a layering is required (I hate feeling cold!!).

So, I have a thing for co-ords; as long as I like the print. To be honest, I lost the count on how many co-ords sets I own! This includes, pyjama style sets, suits, shorts with matchy tops, skirts with matching blouses, tracksuits as well as flared trousers or wide leg pants with matching shirts and tops. Basically, I love anything that’s considered a co-ord set; as long as I love the print! I actually also own a few co-ords that are single coloured, just give me co-ords and I’m happy.

I’m sure that there are a lot of you that sympathise with me right now but at the same time there are people who are wondering why I love co-ords so much. Well, here are a few out of the many reasons:

  1. Wherever you are going, whatever the time is, you always feel dressed appropriately.
  2. With just a little effort (not much accessorising is required), you are ready to go.
  3. With trainers; you are sporty – With high-heels: you are dressy.
  4. You always make a statement.
  5. You can create various multiple looks with them; you can use them both together as a set but also as separate pieces, therefore it is worth spending your money on co-ords.
  6. Co-ords often flatter the shape because they create one single line. If you choose the print and colour wisely, you will not only look slimmer but also taller. Cool right?
  7. They are comfortable and I’m the kind of person that hates feeling uncomfortable in clothes I can not sit in, or move.

I already mentioned that I love both print and monochromatic co-ords, however today I’m sharing with you some of my favourite print co-ords looks of Spring Summer 2018. Don’t worry, I will come back with another post on my top monochromatic co-ords soon 😉


Animal print trousers and bomber: Rinascimento

Just Cavalli tshirt

Handmade clutch

-> from SHE Boutique 

Alexander McQueen sneakers from Farfetch

Moschino sunglasses from Pret A Voir




H2O two piece set

Cavalli Class handbag

Just Cavalli sandals

-> from SHE Boutique



H2O two piece set

Cavalli Class handbag

Just Cavalli sandals

-> from SHE Boutique



Silvian Heach two piece set

Silvian Heach coat

Cavalli Class handbag

-> from SHE Boutique

Jimmy Choo sunglasses from Occhio Optical

Ego perspex sandals –


Do you like co-ords? Love or hate? And why? Comment below and let me know, I would love to read your thoughts 🙂

P.S. there are links to everything I am wearing, check them out if there is something you like 🙂

Peace & Love,




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