Summer lovin’

Hola Fashionistas,

Summer lovin’ happened so fast….. la la la! Excuse me, i’m in a Grease kinda mood. Long time no see right? I’ve been so busy; I couldn’t even write up a post to share with you guys. New arrivals at the stores, travelling, family holidays; everything added up to this.

For those following me on Instagram they could keep in touch with me and see what I was up to. So, to all those who do not follow me; DO IT NOW! Hahaha!

Nevertheless, did you think I forgot you? Of course not! I was waiting for the right time and the right outfit 😉 And voila, I am here. With a complete look but especially with a beautiful car! That car is actually what has put me into all that GREASE mood.

This season is all about those high waisted loose wide leg trouser. They give you plenty of room to move around and feel comfortable but dressy at the same time. Especially during those very hot summer days that we can’t bear anything touching us or feeling uncomfortable on our skin.

What is better than a silk linen wide leg trousers in vertical lines that elongates and flatters our shape at the same time? Oh yes, it’s even better when it’s in blues, white and camel; three classic colours that create the perfect colour combination when teamed up.

I paired my striped trousers with a white frilled cotton shirt as I felt that it made my look more laid back. I completed the look with a camel Versace Jeans cross bag and my camel gladiator sandals for a summer look that can be easily worn from morning till night. I always like investing on pieces that I can actually team with different things and create multiple outfits while also having the flexibility to wear them during early at day but also at a night out.

Then, I felt like pose by the car 😉 My trousers and shirt are Rinascimento from SHE Boutique.

What do you guys think? Feel free to comment below 🙂

I will be back soon!

Peace & Love,




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