Pink is Cool

Hello Fashionistas ☺️😊

Firstly, let’s start with HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Wishing you a prosperous 2018, filled with joy, happiness and of course love. I want to thank you all for all the support you are giving me and I wish for another successful year filled with many outfits, and fashionable, stylish ideas 🙂

So!! Today we are cool in Pink. A colours that is directly related with girls, yet can still be casual and rock and goth and stylish and classy and boho and whatever you want it to be; it all depends on how you style a piece or a colour and not the perception of how something should be. You can create your perception, you can define the style.

Personally, i’m not that much of a pink person. Well, okay to be honest I love pink. I actually love all shades of pink! However, I usually don’t wear pink. I might like it as a colour but there are many reasons why I don’t wear it that often. Some of them are that most of the lighter shades of pink do not complement my fair skin and that i’m more of a darker person or more rock when it we are talking stylewise. Well, it’s actually complicated. But I would certainly not combine pink with white unless it is fuchsia; otherwise the whole look would be just too pinky for me.

Now this season something changed. I saw a Silvian Heach pink jumper the exact opposite of my style but I loved it, I just couldn’t stop staring at it. Pink, flares, frills, bell sleeves, vintage, romantic; all these utterly feminine elements on to one pink jumper! Now the trick was how to style it up to make it more ME.

I begun with the trousers; it had to be a pair of jeans, a bit more street style, more rock so I chose my ripped charcoal Just Cavalli skinny jeans. And yes, I immediately saw the look transforming. I then had to combine a jacket and what was better than a leather jacket? A Silvian Heach leather jacket with gold zippers and frills; romantic and rock at the same time! So, a pair of trainers was missing to make it more casual, sporty and of course street style inspired so I decide to go with my Versace Jeans booties in black, white and gold. Then, a handbag and a pair of sunglasses were missing to make the look complete. I held a Cavalli Class handbag in black and grey shades that complemented the combination of the leather jacket with my charcoal jeans and wore my Gucci oversized sunglasses that made the look classy, rock, feminine, sporty, chic, vintage; all at once. And that was it!

So ladies, don’t reject a piece just because of the colour or the style; you can transform whatever you want, whenever you want. Just define the style you want to create and then start building your look as if it is a puzzle. Believe me, it’s fun!

Do you like my outfit? And do you like pink? Can’t wait to see your response.

Total look: SHE Boutique

For now,

Peace & Love,




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