The Queen’s Closet by G goes to Italy

Ciao Fashionistas 🙂

Come stai? This is how we say ‘How are you?’ in Italian. Why am I saying this today? Because this post all about Italian vibes, culture and of course food. Right before Christmas, me and my fiance decided to travel around Italy and today I am going to share details of our trip with you guys.

In one week we visited my beloved Milan along with Venice and Florence; two cities I’ve been longing to visit. After this trip all I have to say is that they were both totally worth it; two of the best cities I’ve ever been to.

So! We started from Milan, then headed to Venice, from Venice to Florence and then back to Milan. Therefore, I divided this post into these three different cities so you can see the difference between them.


You already know how much I love Milan. Even though this time I was on holidays, we also combined pleasure with work and devoted some hours in viewing Cavalli Class FW18-19 Pre collection. To begin with, we had 3 days in Milan. On our first day we visited Seravalle Outlet and our day ended in Milan city centre, where we enjoyed a delicious dinner at Charleston restaurant. While in Milan, we also visited the centre and admired Via Montenapoleone and Via Della Spiga that were full of Christmas lights. We also went to Armani Bamboo for a few drinks and Dolce & Gabbana Martini.

On our last day we also enjoyed a relaxing massage at Club 10 at Principe Di Savoia Hotel, which I highly recommend. Sofoklis could not have enought of Duomo and Galleria Vittorio Emanuelle, and every day we would enjoy gelato from a different place as I wanted to take him to all my favourite gellaterias; Amorino, Vanilla Gellato and Ciocolatti Italiani (you have to visit if in Milan).


I have to say that Venice was my favourite; I fell in love with this city! What can I say about this beautiful city? Honestly, it’s magical; even better than what I imagined. Utterly and deeply romantic, we didn’t want to leave this place. You can never have enough of it. All those magnificent bridges that connect the city, the gondolas that go around, the lights, the little restaurants, all these combined are magic! We only had two days and I regret this because you need much more. We spent our time walking around the tiny alleys and having coffee at the little coffee shops. A ride with a gondola was on the top of our list and I recommend it to anyone who is visiting Venezia.

On our first night we dined at Hard Rock Cafe where we tasted their traditional Venetian burger. We then had ice cream at Venchi; a chain of ciocolatterias in Italy. We also visited Murano island with a water bus and watched up close the procedure of creating Murano pieces, which is extremely interesting. On our second night we enjoyed some traditional seafood risotto with fresh seafood at one of the little traditional restaurants in Venice and it was delicious! We didn’t want to leave Venice and we are certainly going back.


After Venice, we honestly felt like there was nothing that could compete with it. In the end though, Florence might not be Venice but it’s as beautiful as Venice, yet in a different way. Our first stop of course was at Duomo and the Cathedral; a totally different one from that in Milan, yet as stunning as that one. We stopped for a panini next to Duomo and then headed off to Ponte Vecchio, the famous bridge of Firenze. It was Sunday and on Sundays all the public museums are free of entrance, so we decided to go around Florence and visit the museums too. While going around Florence, we discovered a Magnum Firenze store where you could customise your Magnum ice creams so we had to try them; haven’t eaten better ice cream. We also enjoyed some traditional Tuscan food, which you can find around Duomo (yes, too much food!).

On our second day, we decided to do the walking tour until Piazzale Michelangelo, where you can see Florence from above (there are many steps to get there). In the end, it was totally worth it; breathtaking spectacular view. The road to get there is not easy but once you’re at the top, you’ll just forget about the journey. It was already midday so we decided to spoil ourselves and visit Magnum Firenze for a second time (yes, we ate gelato twice a day), and after Magnum we went around Florence’s traditional markets. There you can find anything in leather, from clothing to accessories, but you can also find many other interesting stuff in those cute little shops.

This trip was very tiring as our days were limited, and every two days we were on a different train, heading to a different city, however it was one of my best trips. First of all, because I was with my man and secondly because I love Italy for so many reasons; the vibes, the culture, the food, the weather, the people, the places, everything. This trip might be over, but we will certainly be back.

Have you ever been to Italy? Which is your favourite city?

Peace & Love,




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