It’s the season to be Jolly!

Hello Fashionistas 🙂

Missed me? I was away, been around Italy but we’ll talk about my trip in the upcoming post. It’s almost Christmas, start counting days! Have you bought your Christmas Gifts yet? What have you asked from Santa this year? And most importantly, have you thought of your Christmas outfits at all?

Today, I want to share with you 3 festive outfits that I love. All 3 looks have one thing in common; a pleated skirt as pleated skirts are so in fashion. You can wear them in different ways, based on your style and where you are going and they are also the perfect item to complete your Christmas looks. Just be careful when choosing which pleated skirt to buy because there are different fits, and you have to find the cut that best fits your body figure. I have talked about pleated skirts before as well, in #61: Pleated skirts are here to stay, where you can find some more inspiration on how to style your skirt.

This time I decided to go a bit sparkly and chose three luxurious skirts in metallic and velvet, just to enhance the festive idea. Either long, midi or short, pleated skirts can be the perfect touch to your looks. I personally love teaming them with oversized knits, t-shirts and trainers but this time I went  a bit beyond that and got all dressed up in heels ready to celebrate this magical time of the year.

Outfit #1

A Silvian Heach metallic print maxi skirt that I combined with a black short faux fur jacket with 3/4 sleeves creating a classic feminine night out look. I held a Cavalli Class bag in bordeaux with gold details that enhanced well the animal print of the skirt, while I wore a pair of black Just Cavalli stilettos and completed my look with a pair of Jimmy Choo embellished sunglasses to add up to all this glamour.


Outfit #2

Red is everywhere this season and I love it. A Silvian Heach red maxi pleated skirt seemed like the perfect look to pose next to the Christmas Tree. Even though I said I was going to show more nighty looks, I managed to do so by wearing an oversized knit just like I love doing! This Silvian Heach knitted jackets is one of my favourites as it is shiny at the front and plain at the back. I wanted to tone down all this sparkle a bit though and add a touch of rock to a classic look, so I decided to wear a leather kimono underneath and black stilettos.


Outfit #3

A simpler outfit, yet as festive as the other looks. A velvet Rinascimento midi pleated skirt, which I matched with a check chiffon Rinascimento top. I held a Cavalli Class print handbag because I like mixing prints and felt that the print of the bag complemented the check print of the blouse. Once more, I wore my black sparkly stilettos and my embellished Jimmy Choo sunglasses. A look that can take you from day till night by just changing your shoes.


Which outfit did you like most? Comment below and let me know 🙂

All outfits from SHE Boutique.

Peace & Love,




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