Off Duty

Hello Fashionistas 🙂

How is everyone? Have you missed me? I have!

So girls, have you started buying your favourite Fall pieces? I have. I know my previous post was referring to casual and sport chic looks too, but this period is the best period to wear your sport chic outfits. With a sweater you can keep yourselves warm during night while being stylish and comfy. 

Lately, we’ve been watching a craze going mad on Instagram. What is that? A pair of kinda flared trousers with stripes (most likely one white and one red stripe) and gold buttons decorating horizontally the sides of the pants. Here in Cyprus, it’s one of the fastest selling Fall items for every store that stocked it. Actually, retailers have already restocked it not only in black this time, but in others colours too. 

Here, I’m presenting you this pair of trousers from Melina. I’ve seen many pairs but this one is honestly the best. Most of them are like tracksuits while this one is more like a flared trousers that you can wear from day to night! 

While being at the store, my eye caught a sweater too (I have a thing for sweaters). Combined with the trousers, it created a comfy, cool, stylish and effortless look. What makes this sweater so different are the letterings on the sides saying ‘OFF-DUTY’ and I just love that they are longer than the actual sleeves. Personally, I found it interesting and different. 

I completed the look with my Rita Ora Stan Smiths and my new favourite sunglasses by Gucci from Occhio Optical

You could easily change the look with a pair of stilettos and a silk blouse or a shirt tucked in the trousers. 

Do you like my look? Then comment below 🙂

Peace & Love,




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