Sport Chic

Goodmorning Fashionistas 🙂

I am wishing you all a great week! How are you all? September has been a very difficult and busy month. How has it been for you? Are you ready to say hi to Autumn?

I am so happy because this season is the best to enjoy your sport chic co-ords. I just love how brands have upgraded this whole idea of wearing tracksuit, paying attention into details and adjusting them to the latest trends. Nowadays, there is a pair of sporty co-ords for each taste, style and body shape allowing for every woman to enjoy some moments of comfort while being stylish.

Sport chic has become part of our daily lives; women before would think twice before going out in their co-ords but now, it is more common to see someone in their tracksuit rather than a dress. This style however, can be achieved by just wearing sneakers with an outfit you would normally wear with high heels, or by just wearing a sweatshirt with a pleated metallic skirt or flares. There are so many ways in which someone can adopt the sport chic look.

Personally, I love it and usually you will see me smart casually or sport chic dressed. Most od the days you will definitely find me in sneakers while wearing blazers, midi and pleated skirts and culottes. You will also see me in many different sweatshirts as I have always had a thing for sweaters. This winter, you will also see me in a lot of velvet too.

Today, I want to share with you four different styles of sport chic co-ords and how you can wear them everyday without looking under dressed. On the contrary, these combinations will keep you stylish and smart dressed all day!

I have mentioned several times before that a pair of shoes and a bag can easily transform a look from casual to smart casual, etc. Well tracksuits can also change with a coat or a going out bag, with platforms or ankle boots. Here, I am wearing sneakers with all my outfits but you will notice that they still can be worn not only for a morning coffee but also for a casual afternoon tea.

Check my looks out and see for yourselves how you can wear your sporty co-ords and still be stylish.

P.S. all outfits from SHE Boutique.

Outfit #1

I am wearing a pair of khaki velvet co-ords by Rene Derhy, Just Cavalli gold sneakers, a Silvian Heach bag and a pair of Fendi sunglasses.



Outfit #2

Here I am wearing a total SH by Silvian Heach outfit; coat and co-ords. I paired it with a Cavalli Class bag, my velvet Nike sneakers and a pair of Gucci sunglasses.



Outfit #3

Another Rene Derhy velvet co-ord set paired with my Gucci sunglasses and Adidas superstars.



Outfit #4

Fourth and last look is once more a total SH by Silvian Heach look, combined with my Just Cavalli gold sneakers, a Cavalli Class bag and another pair of Fendi sunglasses.


Which one is your favourite look? Comment and let me know.


Peace & Love,




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