Lady in Red

Hello Fashionistas!!! 🙂

Have you missed me? After nearly 4 months, i’m finally back! And hoping that soon the webpage will also be updated with new stuff 😉

These past four months I was very very busy and unfortunately I had to leave my blog aside for a while but now i’m back stronger, better and soo excited with the new season!!

So!! For those who have been reading my blog posts you ahould already know that I have already mentioned red as a power colour for Fall Winter 17-18; and I love it when I’m right.

The new season is coming with loads of red; red shoes, red handbags, red coats, red lipstick, red dresses, red suits and the list goes on… and some of you might now be thinking ‘but red is classic, red is always in’. And yes you’re right. But this season it’s not about just a few timeless red pieces; we’re talking about total red and tons of pieces in red.

I have to say, I’m not that much of a red person; i’m more of a bordeaux, pomegranate or wine red. But this season, everything has changed. I think i’m embracing red differently and I haven’t figured out why yet. What I know for certain, is that i’m utterly madly in love with the new Silvian Heach collection; I mean I can not decide what I should get and what not! Every piece has a different story to tell.

And even though I’m not a person who wears red easily, I found a trouser suit that spoke to me from the very first second. And of course, it’s from the Silvian Heach Fall Winter 17-18 collection.

High-waisted wide leg trousers in a crepe fabric with military details on the waist combined with a red blazer with hold buttons and a strange collar is all I needed to say – Yes! I am in love. Something from the 80’s, from the 90’s, a little bit of Balmain vibes as well as Michael Jackson, all combined into one single trouser suit. And nothing else is needed to make a statement.

I teamed my trouser suit with an off the shoulders lace body again by Silvian Heach and decided to wear my brand new sandals from the Just Cavalli Fall Winter 17-18 collection, which are from another planet. I’m also wearing my brand new Gucci sunglasses in Black and White from Occhio Optical. Last but not least i’m holding a Cavalli Class bag in black, red and animal print, which is from a previous season; Fall Winter 16-17. Because as I said many times, you invest on something good today – you use it forever. Fashion is just an accessory for someone with good style. All you have to do is knowing how to add the pieces to the puzzle in order to create every time a different yet astonishing look.

P.S Find Silvian Heach FW17-18 collection at SHE Boutique.

What are your thoughts about red? Comment below and let me know.

Peace & Love,




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