The Queen’s Closet by G goes to Beirut 

Hello Fashionistas!!!

How is everyone? I’ve missed you all and missed sharing posts with you, but once more this period has been very busy for me with so much going on.

Today, I will share with you my 3 day trip to Beirut. I went there on holidays a week ago and I have to say that I was impressed by this city and Lebanese culture in general; so many things to see and admire, so many wonderful places to sit and enjoy your coffee, great food, polite people, interesting architecture and many many more.

Day 1

Day 1 was an introductory day. We started from Hamra Street, where we walked along their traditional stores and saw the once most famous shopping street of Beirut. We then visited Em Sherif restaurant for lunch as we were told that it is one of the best restaurants in Beirut. And it is true. We loved it; amazing place with tasty food, one of the best restaurants I’ve ever been to. After that we went for a walk, heading towards the blue Mosque called Mohammad Al-Amin Mosque; the biggest Mosque in Beirut. We passed Souks and admired the shops and then headed towards Zaitunay Bay and the Yacht Club. It is quite remarkable how you can see so many different sides of one city. From ruins and poverty to luxury and outstanding buildings. I have never before experienced such a thing. Our day was so full that we were exhausted at night so we just went back to the hotel and chilled.

Day 2

This was our best day in Lebanon as we went on a day trip. Our day started at Jeita Grotto caves where we viewed something spectacular. I strongly recommend you visit if you are ever in Beirut. After that, we drove to Harissa and went to the tip where Our Lady of Lebanon is situated. From there you can see Lebanon from above; the view is breathtaking. After Harissa we headed to Byblos, another beautiful city. We had lunch and then walked in the centre where the castle is; I loved the small coffee places with vintage vibes and cosy spaces. We arrived back in Beirut at around 7 so we decided to change clothes and taste their famous Sushi Burritos and then some Arghile in Hamra. We tried Mango and we loved it, if you haven’t tried Mango yet, then I suggest you do so 😉

Day 3

Our last day was more of a chilled day since the previous two days were quite long. We visited Hamra once more in order to get some gifts and then visited City Mall just to get a taste from Beirut’s market. We didn’t stay long as we wanted to see the Mosque and Souks one last time so we took a taxi and headed towards that area. We enjoyed another great meal at Em Sherif Caffe, which is new in Beirut and in the afternoon we visited the legendary ‘The Cheesecake Factory‘; here, I don’t have to say anything else just one thing – You have to go! I loved it, so many different cheesecakes, so many different flavours, I wanted to try them all. Apart from cheesecakes they also serve food and other desserts. After the cheesecakes it was time to go to the airport and this is how our trip to Beirut ended; with the sweetest taste.

So that was it from my trip to Beirut! Have you ever been there? If yes, which places do you suggest? Tell me 🙂

Outfit post coming soon!!!

For now,

Peace & Love,




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