Spring with PINK

Hello Fashionistas 🙂

Long time no see! I am so sorry I wasn’t consistent lately, but I had so much going on! New arrivals, fashion shows, styling and co-ordinating editorials, organising a lookbook, and a seminar about Women, Fashion and Style in the workplace that I had to prepare for, while doing everything else at the same time. Quite a lot right?

Today, I am back with a brand new post and the best yet colour for this Spring; PINK!! Yes, I know you are not used to watching me in pinky shades but I also have a pinky side too. We all have in fact! We just need to discover it.

I recently found mine in a total Silvian Heach outfit. Well, to be fairly true I found it in the looks of the new MC Designs knitted handbag with the colorfoul crystals on. Yes, I can not take my eyes off of this bag – love at first sight! After attaching myself to the bag, I then deciced I had to leave myself free and be seduced by Pink. And then it is when the outfit was born.

I mean, we needed a dose of pink after all those androgynous looks right? A colour that it is directly related with females, a sweet and gentle colour. Wearing pink does not mean we have to wear fuchsia or a bright Barbie pink shade. There are so many options available, and so many different shades from which we can choose. And so many different colour combinations. For those who are daring enough, they could go with hot pink and fuchsia (a shade I adore), or even combine fuchsia with other bright colours like red and orange. Depending on your style, you can adapt PINK into it and it all depends on how you decide to team it.

I wanted to create a more sophisticated and easy going look, while holding the stunning MC Designs piece of art. I always like wearing trench coats, especially during Spring; the perfect item to adapt to the sudden weather change while still being stylish and chic. And what could be better this season than a Silvian Heach baby pink trench coat with big black buttons? Nothing! I just love it because I can easily dress it up or down and wear it almost anywhere during any time of the day. I decided to keep the look two-toned by using only black and pink – since we have not entirely left Winter, I combined pink with black to keep a balance rather than making my look too summery.

I decided to wear a sleeveless chiffon shirt by Silvian Heach again, which has a pale python print in greyish-blak shades, therefore I believe that this high-waisted black trousers by Silvian Heach complemented the outfit. The silver buttons on the trousers were a bonus as they gave a twist to the look while still keeping it classy and chic and they also matched they grey shades of the shirt. I completed my look with a pair of barely there sandals in black from Zara as I wanted to keep it simple, allowing everything else stand out.

Start getting used to the idea of pin, because we will be seeing it next season too girls. It is time to start thinking pink!

Are you going to wear PINK this season? And if yes, how are you going to wear it?

Peace & Love,



Photos: Paris Savva/ Despina Nicolaou

fnl_DSC0047_DSC0043 copy_DSC0044 copy_DSC0045 copy_DSC0046 copy



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