#62: The Queen’s Closet by G goes to Milan (FW17)

Good-morning Fashionistas 😊

How is everyone? So finally first day of Spring. After a cold Winter it was about time for some sunshine. I just came back from Milan and another great Fashion Week has come to an end. Actually, like everyone said this was one of the greatest Fashion Weeks with many surprises.

Unfortunately, due to a very pressured programme this season, I couldn’t go as many days as usual. However, no matter how tiring this trip was, it is always a pleasure being in Milan – I just love this city.

So, today I will update you with all the details of my trip and of course with all the upcoming trends for Fall Winter 2017-18 πŸ˜‰

The trip begun with a stop in Athens to place some orders (oh Athens you’re so beautiful). After a day full with appointments, our next day was about to be even busier. We stayed a night in Athens and left early in the morning for Milan.


Our first day started at Staff International showroom and Just Cavalli. I have to say that the collection has changed, returning to its traditional look with some exquisite pieces that I couldn’t help myself and fell in love with. Not only the clothes were amazing, but the accessories collection was stunning too. Every piece was one of a kind; amazing colours, magnificent prints, great quality and innovation. After placing an order with Just Cavalli, we moved towards the centre of Milan at Swinger showroom where two other collections were expecting us; Cavalli Class and Versace Jeans. Each collection had a different story, but all of them adapted to the upcoming trends with their own distinctive way. We then went for an Italian dinner at a traditional restaurant in the city centre. After a great meal, we walked around Duomo and then headed back to the hotel to get a beauty sleep and recharge our batteries.


Our second day was a day of experimentation and exploration, searching for new brands at Milan fashion exhibitions. In the afternoon, we visited my favourite ice-cream place in Milan; Vanilla Gelati Italiani. The highlight of the day however, was the Elisabetta Franchi Fashion Show. Her show was magnificent like always and the clothes were to die for. After a long day we decided to enjoy a meal at the Luciano Pavarotti restaurant and museum. (let’s not forget that I am a musician too, and I actually sing Opera so Luciano Pavarotti is one of my favourite Opera singers ❀ ). You definitely have to visit this restaurant if you go to Milan.



Third and final day was spent at the newest Fashion Exhibition in Milan; The One Milano. I have to say here that for its debut, the exhibition was surprisingly good with plenty material and many interesting brands. However, the majority was furs; both eco furs and real ones. Yes, furs were very popular last season (we are welcoming the new season today), but next season they are going to be massive. That is why. After the exhibition, we finally had some time free to walk around Milan, do some window shopping and enjoy the sun. Our day ended at another traditional restaurant near our hotel and we then headed back to our hotel to pack our suitcases.


So,that was it; 3 full days at my favourite city in Europe. I just hope that next season we will have more days to enjoy Fashion Week more.

Now let’s move to the UPCOMING TRENDS for Fall Winter 17-18. Are you ready?

  • Florals and especially roses.
  • Pink, fuchsia, dusty pink and salmon pink.
  • Furs in all shapes, sizes, colours, prints and textures – Eco furs and real furs.
  • Pompoms.
  • AppliquΓ©s not only on jeans and sweaters but also on jumpers, coats, anoraks, evening dresses, and furs.
  • Animal Print is back.
  • Metallics in not only silver and gold but also in purple, pink, blue, red, orange, yellow and turquoise.
  • Turquoise.
  • Yellow and mustard yellow.
  • Tulle.
  • The Trouser Suit.
  • Military is still on; khaki, gold buttons and army print in bright colours.
  • Zebra is back; and not only in the black and white version but also in different colour combinations such as grey-black, pink-black, etc.
  • Velvet is still on.
  • Bomber jackets.
  • Red, red, red; red is every season in but next season will be one of the main colours.
  • Stars.
  • Scarfs are returning and are going to be one of the main focus on our outfits.
  • Wide sleeves; bell sleeves.
  • Ankle boots are here to stay.
  • High-waisted belts.
  • Ruffles.
  • Studs.
  • Lace-up details
  • Leather of course.
  • Oversized.
  • Fringes and chains.
  • Sportswear. (love them!!!)
  • Blazers.
  • Tweed – The good old times Chanel inspired tweed fabric is back in many shapes and forms; Oversized blazers, assymetric skirts, coats, all in tweed. 

Which is your favourite trend for next season Fall Winter 17-18? Comment below and give me your opinion.

For now, let’s welcome Spring and the new season! Spring Summer 17 is about to start today. Let’s all embrace it Fashionistas πŸ™‚

Peace & Love,




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