Blurred Magazine: Issue 2 

Hello Fashionistas 🙂

Today, I want to share with you something different. Lately, I have been writing articles for a new magazine in Cyprus. It is called Blurred Magazine, and it is a Fashion & Lifestyle Magazine. For those who live in Cyprus, this magazine is free and you can find it in many various locations such as Boutiques, well known cafes (in Larnaca you can find it in Alchemies), and in Blue Air aeroplanes.

It is a great project, which has been developing since day 1 and I’m sure it will keep raising its standards Issue by Issue. It is worth having a look at it, as you can be updated about many facts concerning the Fashion World and not only, as it is Lifestyle Magazine too.

Yesterday, Blurred Magazine Issue 2 was published and I couldn’t be any happier and proud. My article in Issue 2 is called ‘Limassol goes Red’ and it is dedicated to some of the most elite fashion designers that work and have ateliers in Limassol, Cyprus. And I think it is pretty obvious that it was inspired from Valentines Day, as it is very close ❤

I want to thank everyone that worked with me to achieve this great result.

Paris Savva for the stunning photos and editing.

Koulla Koftidou for the makeup.

Panos Vivendo Creative Hair Design for the hair.

Riana Ignatiou from Umbrella Modelling Agency.

And of course the designers that were happy to work with me, creating magnificent red gowns especially for this article.

Calia Monoyiou.

Eleana Nicolaou from Suitcase Store.

Anna Dorothea.

Victoria Sarri.

Michalis Lazos.


Find the article and the photos below and follow Blurred Magazine for all the updates concerning the Fashion World, and when each Issue is released.

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Please feel free to comment and say your thoughts about our work 🙂

Peace & Love,







With Valentines Day being very close, I found the great opportunity to refer to colour Red; a colour of passion, happiness, luck, danger, courage, power, femininity and sexiness. A colour that suits absolutely any skin tone and a colour that will never go out of fashion. Red always makes an impact in the designers collections, making a statement without having to do anything.

Every single woman purchases at least once in her life something in red and fashionistas will be seen at least once every season in red. That is why designers all over the world include red in their collections every single season. And of course Cypriot Designers could not be any different.

Red is such a strong and powerful colour, however there are so many different ways and styles out there, we just have to find that piece that speaks to us; that was made for us. I chose 6 of the best Designers whom ateliers are in Limassol to introduce to you.  Each one created a magnificent unique piece in red, especially for this article and I want to thank them all for their great work and willingness. They might be all 6 dresses in red, yet each one is so different.

Dare to wear red on Valentines day and dare to be unique. And for those who are not that daring, a red lipstick or a red handbag can still catch the attention. As Audrey Hepburn said ‘There is a shade of red for every woman’.

Peace & Love,






Calia Monoyiou is no coincidence why she has become so popular, as her work speaks for her. She combined red chiffon with the trend of the season; a body in nude with red crystals. The foulard wrapped around the face takes us back to the good old days giving us a sense of vintage. However, you can easily adjust the pashmina where you want it to be.


I loved how Eleana combined a big split at the front with a deep back, and red with gold without being over the top. This gown is very daring and sexy, yet so feminine. Without overdoing it, and letting the colour to speak for its own, she created a gorgeous red gown adapted to the trends of the upcoming season.


Anna always adds twists to her designs; she never plays on the safe side and that is one of the reasons I distinguish her as a designer. She combined the sexy element with the classic, creating a dress in red silk. This dress is like a two-faced dress, classy with drapes on the one side while turning on the other side, a bit of flesh is revealed automatically turning the dress to a sexy red gown.


Victoria aimed to reveal the dangerous side of women by creating an exquisite red fitted gown with deep V at both front and back. Victoria herself is a daring and spontaneous woman and this is also reflected in her designs. What made this dress so interesting was the peplum on the waist, which is one-sided, adding just a bit of romance to the overpowering look of the dress.


Michalis decided to follow the trend of asymmetries with exaggeration; a characteristic of his designs. He used chiffon, Swarovski crystals as well as sequins to create a red mini dress underneath with long chiffon pieces on top, reminding us more of a fairytale; a more romantic version of the red dress.




When everyone creates dresses, she makes the difference and designs trousers. A powerful and dangerous one-piece in lace from head-to-toe. Four elements combined to create an androgynous look with the right amount of femininity; lace, peplum, high-neck and red.



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