#59: The Queen’s Closet by G Enters The Golden Circle

Well hello Fashionistas 🙂

I am wishing you all a great week 🙂

Today, I will introduce you to my first collaboration with Heliana and The Golden Circle.

Where imagination and creativity meets luxury and femininity, there is where Heliana exists. A young aspiring designer full with innovative ideas ready to conquer the Fashion world. She loves evening wear, but she is open to any kind of new ideas and experimentations always surprising me with her new designs.

What I love about this young lady, is the passion and love she has for what she does; it’s reflected in her eyes. She loves studying and exploring in order to broaden her knowledge around all aspects concerning the Fashion World. She never rests and this is what makes her such a promising designer.

For me, she is the ideal person to sit down and talk to; a person with who I can share my thoughts and feelings about fashion, knowing that I will be understood and sympathise with another human being. A perfectionist just like me, always seeking for the best quality, something I also look for, when choosing which garments to purchase each season. That is why I am so happy that G finally entered The Golden Circle.

Heliana created a custom made dress especially for me in one of the most popular and luxurious fabrics of the season; VELVET. Thank you my love! ❤ As she is all about luxury and majestic styles, she successfully managed to adapt into my style, which is more minimal and simple. This is a very important aspect to look for when choosing a designer to create a dress for you as we all want someone who will be able to enhance our features and respect our style through his/her design while also keeping his/her signature. And Heliana definitely managed to pull it through easily. A simple discussion with me, led to an immediate effortless design that was exactly something I would wear.

And voila! You can admire the dress below 🙂

I suggested the idea of a blazer dress and this is how the design was developed; to an upgraded version of the blazer dress. A simple maxi gown in a rich green velvet fabric with long sleeves, buttons covered in the same fabric, v-neck, and a big split that transforms the dress from a simple blazer dress into a stunning sexy killer dress 😉

In order to enhance the whole look, I chose to pair it with my knee-high boots and a simple gold necklace. I didn’t want to make it too formal and felt that the knee-highs dressed down the outfit.

For a more dramatic look, I then completed the outfit with my Rinascimento crystal ball handbag and my lace Elisa Cavaletti long gloves.

I love the fact that even though this is an evening gown, you can easily transform it. Three simple ways are:

  • Simply by substituting the knee-highs with either a pair of barely there sandals or lace-ups to create a more formal look, for those special once in a lifetime occasions.
  • For those who do not like wearing high-heels or love creating more rockier outfits, you can wear a pair of Dr.Martens and a leather biker and immediately transform the look 😉
  • By leaving it open and use it as a coat. Wear your ripped jeans and a black or white vest tucked in. Choose your shoes depending on the occasion; sneakers for a cool streetstyle look, knee-high boots or ankle boots for a more chic style, or a pair of stilettos or sandals for a night-out look.


You can find Heliana on


P.S. Thank you Heliana for the beautiful design and cheers to the beginning of our collaboration, because yes, you will definitely see more of Heliana in my blog 🙂


See you all soon!!!

Peace & Love,




Photos: Paris Savva



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