#51: Being Festive in Red 

Hello Fashionistas 🙂

Merry Christmas to all of you! How has your holidays been so far? I hope you had an amazing time, got everything you wished for and are all getting prepared for the NYE and eventually for the new year; I am 🙂

So, today I will share with you one of my festive outfits of these days. You should all know by now, that I indeed love red. I am not the kind of person that dares wearing red every day; instead I prefer adding red touches to my darker outfits and in small surfaces like my favourite red Cavalli Class bag that I shared with you a few times before in previous posts such as  #48: When Grey meets Red and #46: The Queen’s Closet Goes to Budapest.

However, there are some days and moments that I feel I need a red overdose and instead of wearing a red lipstick or hold a red bag, I decide to wear red in bigger surfaces such as a red coat. And I felt like Christmas is one of those ideal days. What could be more festive than a red coat anyway right? 

A red coat can change a whole outfit, meaning that you could be wearing something very very simple underneath and leave the coat do all the work. Who wouldn’t notice a red coat? I always do 🙂 And we all know that saying ‘When in doubt wear red’. Because undoubtedly red is a timeless colour, and a colour that suits all skin tones. For me and for many of you, red is the ultimate symbol of feminism; a colour that portrays power, determination, sophistication, class, seduction and sexiness at the same time.

To be fair, I feel all those things when I’m wearing red! However, this mainly relies upon what you decide to wear. For example, we can find in stores beautiful sexy ladylike red dresses that are all about elegance and class, while we can also find mini, strapless, leather red dresses that are the exact opposite of elegance! Therefore, the purchase of a red garment can be rather tricky. Always keep in mind that it is good keeping one or two bold elements on a garment while the others are simple. For example, very very short dresses should not have very deep necklines because they will most probably look a bit tarty, or a very bold colour should be simpler in structure and with less appliques and embelishments.

I have chosen a Scripta red coat with 3/4 sleeves. What I love on this coat, are the buttons which automatically trasform this classic shaped coat into a military influenced coat adapting to the current FW16 military trend without being over the top. I mean, a red coat with big gold buttons might look too much or just for evening wear, whereas this one has red shiny buttons that make it easier to wear. There is one more thing that makes this coat very special; its lining. As soon as you open the coat you can see the animal print lining inside, which makes a big contrast with the bold red colour, making this coat much more interesting.

Since I went for this kind of red overdose, I kept my outfit under the coat minimal and in one tone; a plain SH by Silvian Heach pencil skirt and a black Rinascimento plain camisole with lace finishing. I also wore a pair of Versace Jeans black stilettos with glittery details but decided to go a bit wilder with my handbag and held my Cavalli Class handbag in animal print, black and red leather; my favourite item in my closet this season.

How would you wear a red coat? Comment below and tell me your ideas 🙂

Peace & Love



Photos: Paris Savva


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