#47: Crochet mania – MC Designs!

Hello Fashionistas 🙂

How are you all? It’s Tuesday, and already 6th of December, meaning that we are just 19 days away from Christmas! Are you excited? I am! Have you decided what you will be wearing this festive season and what presents are you getting or not yet? I am still searching as I have to admit that I am a very picky person, however I’ve got an idea of what i’m buying for my beloved ones 🙂

So, today right before my next trip, I want to share with you a trend that has become very popular the past few seasons, especially in Cyprus; the handmade crochet bags. Actually not only the crochet bags, but anything that is crochet starting from chokers, to chunky knits, to handbags, to beanies, to crochet teddies. Many designers, Greek and Cypriots have adopted this trend and many different brands have been appearing all over Instagram and Facebook introducing their idea of a handmade crochet bag.

Let’s not forget those timeless Missoni crochet handbags with the special chains and after that, those stunning Dolce & Gabbana Miss Sicily bags in crochet versions (my favourite bag in the whole wide world!!!!). However, not everyone affords to buy a Missoni bag or a Dolce & Gabbana one! Today, you can find something very similar to those, or even custom-made according to your taste and demands, and have it delivered right at your door. All you have to do is a quick search on Instagram and voila! you’ll find loads!

However, there are some brands that stand out, based firstly on the quality they offer and secondly on Innovation. For me, three brands stand out from the crowd and today I will be introducing one of them to you.

Last summer, I met two girls that specialise on handmade bags; crochet and real leather ones too; Marina and Christina. As soon as I saw their work up close, I could immediately say that these bags were of top quality – I fell in Love!

MC Designs is a brand created by Marina and Christina, two wonderful ladies filled with enthusiasm and passion for what they do. They devote themselves in creating the best designs possible for the consumer, loving every single minute of the procedure. What I love with this brand is that they are constantly innovating, creating new designs, adding new fabrics and textiles, experimenting and searching in order to always have the best outcome possible! They go beyond imagination! What do I mean? Their leather clutches combine different textiles and always have extravagant shapes, while their crochet handbags have moved beyond the stereotypical crochet bags (a look at their Social Media pages will convince you). The quality? Top of the top, that I can guarantee! Now about the designs? You can find so many different colours and designs – I want them all!

Today I chose to share with you, one of the MC Designs handbags that has stolen my heart. The classic bubble in tweed, in shades of brown, ecru, grey, camel and black with ecru plastic chain. I have to thank these two amazing girls for making this bag especially for me – one of the best presents I received.

I decided to pair my MC bubble bag with a Taifun cashmere coat in camel with big black buttons, while kept the rest outfit minimal and in total black. I am wearing a pair of Ego velvet ankle boots with perspex heels, a ripped jeans by Anel, a Rinascimento vest and a choker from Melina. I completed the outfit with my brand new Fendi Lei sunglasses from Occhio Optical.

I feel that this bag gives a different vibe don’t you agree? I just love going around with my bubble bag! Do you like the look? Then adopt the trend and purchase this Christmas a crochet handmade bag or a real leather clutch for yourselves or as presents for others 🙂

Follow MC Designs on Facebook : MC Designs

and on Instagram : MC Designs bags


P.S. Thank you so much for my wonderful bubble bag Marina and Christina 🙂


Peace & Love,





(Ozzi couldn’t be missing from these pictures!)



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