#43: The A line skirt

Hello again Fashionistas 🙂

How are you all? This week has been quite different for me, with many changes occurring in my life, new collaborations, new attitudes, new arrivals, new philosophies and of course new clothes.

Today I am going to share with you some information about the A line skirts; a shape that has always been present in fashion trends, however the last few seasons we have been watching more and more designs emerging from collections, in all lengths, fabrics and designs making this skirt style timeless.

This shape of skirt, cinches at the waist and gradually glides away from the hips, creating a shape just like the shape of the letter A. Many women prefer this kind of shape because they can easily camouflage some parts of their bodies that they do not like.

However, before I move on I would like to share with you some TIPS regarding A line skirts, the different silhouettes, how they can be worn, and how they can look flattering.

  1. Many petite women believe that these type of skirts can make them look shorter, but the trick is to find the perfect length for your height. Taller women could go from mini to midi to ankle to maxi but shorter women should aim for shorter to midi or maxi because if the skirt reaches the ankles, it will definitely make you look shorter and your proportions not balanced.
  2. If the circumference of the skirt is very wide, it will also make you look shorter, so shorter women should go with A line skirts that are not that wide.
  3. Even though many people out there believe that the A line skirts are flattering for all body shapes, this is wrong. This happens because these skirts, even though they do hide quite a lot, they also create a triangle shape. This means that if you don’t choose the right cut of A line skirt and the right fabric, you could be emphasising all the parts you believed would be hidden. You just have to select the A line shape that works for your body.
  4. A line skirts with pleats on the waist should be worn with wide necklines in order to balance the upper body with the lower. However, this type of A line skirt is more appropriate for women who have narrow hips and most likely a flat tummy because otherwise it will just make you look disproportionate and massive from the waist and down.
  5. A line skirts with pleats can also work relatively well with women who have a fuller waist and tummy but always have in mind that a few flatter pleats is the best choice, or  check that the pleats are stitched down at least near the waist, otherwise you will only look wider.
  6. If your legs are heavier than the upper part, avoid wearing shoes with straps on the ankles because you will just be emphasising on your legs more. A pair of nude stilettos or barely there sandals are a much better choice.
  7. A line skirts that are narrower and slimmer, are better for more body shapes as they are closer to the body, meaning that it does not add much more. These skirts, the longer they are, the taller you will look.
  8. The A line skirts that are wide, are best matched with fitted tops, shirts or blouses in order to balance your body. They don’t have to be tucked in, as long as the length of the top does not go over the pleats or the point where the skirt starts getting wider. The narrower the skirt, then more options of tops are available. You could also wear something that is a bit looser and longer as long as you do not fall into the trap of wearing something that will make you look bulkier.


The last three seasons (from FW15 to SS16 to FW16) we have seen the mini A line skirts, especially in denim, suede and leather and I have to admit that I loved the trend. However, a few days ago I found the A line skirt that I fell in love with.

This season I discovered the lace Silvian Heach A line full skirt (it creates the A shape but it’s a full skirt) in Melograno colour according to Silvian Heach, which means Pomegranate. I can not define if it’s the colour, the shape, the length, the fabric, the fit or the combination of all 5; all I know is that this skirt has now become my favourite A line skirt.

I matched the skirt with a Silvian Heach sleeveless vest, which is eco leather at the front and jersey at the back.The reason I chose this top, was to get away from an entirely vintage/romantic inspired look and add a twist of rock. This twist was enhanced with the black SH by Silvian Heach bomber jacket in eco leather and jersey too. I also tied my hair in a loose ponytail as I felt that with this way, I kept a balance between romance and rock 😉

I decided to show you two different styles of completing the look, as we have seen these skirts worn with elegant stilettos and sandals, but we have also seen them worn with trainers and sneakers. I am wearing the exact same items in both looks; I have only changed my shoes and handbag.

Look #1: The Elegant

Here, I completed the look with my Just Cavalli black sandals with gold details and held a Cavalli Class leather bag in black with gold details too.




Look #2: The Sporty Elegant

Here, I chose to wear a pair of Just Cavalli trainers and a matching backpack. I kept the same colour tones as the outfit would just become too much if I chose sneakers in other tones.


Do you like A line skirts? How do you style them? Comment below and show me your ideas 🙂

P.S. Outfit available at SHE Boutique.

Peace & Love,




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