#38: The Queen’s Closet goes to Rhodes

Good-morning Fashionistas 🙂

How is everyone? We are one week away from September. Have you enjoyed your holidays and charged your batteries for the new season? My last trip was with my boyfriend, where we decided to visit Rhodes for our summer holidays so in this post I will share with you photos of our holidays there.

Day 1

Our holidays began with a visit to the Butterflies Valley, a magical place where thousands of butterflies can be seen flying over you – if you’re planning to visit Rhodes then you should definitely go there! At night, we walked through the Old Town of Rhodes and enjoyed some homemade Italian gelato while admiring monuments of the Old Town.

Day 2 

Day 2 was devoted on Lindos, one of the most stunning areas in Rhodes. We admired the stunning views, took a ride with the donkeys, and visited Lindos beach. At night, we enjoyed some stuffed calamari, which was the best I ever ate and walked around the mini shops that were open until late.

Day 3

On our third day we decided to travel on a boat across Symi island, a small Greek island with population of just 2590. I have to say here, that Symi is one of the most beautiful islands I have ever seen. From there, we went to Panormitis and to the Monastery of Archangel Michael and returned back to Rhodes late in the evening. At night we got dressed and enjoyed some drinks at a pub in the old town.

Day 4

Our second to last day, was a visit at Kalithea Springs, where we had one of our best days yet. This place is magical, this is all I have to say. We visited the museum and enjoyed ourselves at the beach, which is small, private and calming. Since we did not go far away from the centre of Rhodes this time, we had the chance to go back to the hotel earlier, and therefore we went for an afternoon walk before our dinner, where we enjoyed a beautiful sunset. Our night ended at Fuego, a place with the best cocktails we had in Rhodes.

Day 5

Our last day started at Elli beach, and continued with a visit at the Old Castle of Rhodes where you can be informed about the history of the island. We then walked by the seaside and headed to Koukos restaurant for lunch – locals highly recommend it and now I know why. The best part of the day was the homemade chocolate cake with ice-cream on top!

P.S. Thanks to Sofoklis Sofokleous (my boyfriend) for being the best company I could ask for and for taking me all these photos. I did not know that Rhodes could be so beautiful, but having my boyfriend with me and exploring the island together was the best holidays I could ask for.

Have you been to Rhodes? If yes, what did you like best?

Peace & Love,




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