#37: 11+1 tips on creating WHITE outfits

Well hello Fashionistas πŸ™‚

How are you all and how were your holidays? Most of us are now back in routine, ready to welcome Autumn, especially in the industry I am working where it’s time for the new Autumn 2016-17 arrivals!

However, despite the fact that we’re in the middle of August, in Cyprus and Greece the weather is extremely hot, along with many other countries too, so we will not be wearing any Autumn clothes soon. And now it’s the best time to create total White or focused on White outfits that have become the ultimate look of summer, a trend that will always be in fashion. Nonetheless, White has become popular in Autumn and Winter too, over the past few years. And there is no question why white is so popular because it is pretty obvious that it relates directly to : 


White is the brightest colour, the exact opposite of black and even though we all love seeing others wearing White, we ourselves might not be daring enough to try on a White outfit. Most of us might believe that White will reveal all our imperfections and that white shows off well only with tanned skin. Well truth is, that White indeed matches perfectly tanned skins but that does not mean that people like me who are pale and do not get that much of a tan can not wear White! It all depends on the makeup and the accessories and it also all depends on the shapes you choose to wear. What I mean is that if you choose to wear a fitted white dress then definitely all your imperfections (if you have any) will be revealed, while if you choose something in a wider line then it will make no difference if you were wearing Black, Red, Blue or White.

However, how do we pull off a White outfit?

1. The Business Style/Office Look.

White trouser suits have become so popular because they are so classy and easy to wear. Depending on your accessories, you can either dress a White trouser suit up or down. For example, you can wear Black pumps, a big handbag and barely there jewellery for the office and Gold stilettos, a clutch box and bold jewellery for a night out. White blazers are very handy because you can easily match them with other outfits, for example a pair of ripped jeans, a White midi skirt with a split for a sexier version of the White suit or even a mini lingerie dress.

2. The Summerish Version.

Maxi dresses, cotton fabrics, ruffles, lace, loose lines, off the shoulders, easy to wear, pleats, laser cuts, midi skirts, all, everything White. Easy, comfortable, cool, feminine and summerish dresses or co-ordinates, perfect for holidays. Complete the outfits with hues, camel, nudes, brown tones and pastels, wedges or wooden heels to keep that cool effect and choose a bright lipstick to emphasise the feminine style. For those who wear them, hats are a good idea too!

3. The perfect combination with sneakers/sandals/wedges.

Are you into creating an outfit that is comfortable but on the same hand chic? Then you have to know that White is one of the best looks to match with trainers, flats or wedges in any colour. Create a comfortable casual look, easy with a pair of White jeans or shorts and a White t-shirt, a blouse or even with a White skirt or dress.

4. The White Coat/Parka/Trench coat/Waistcoat.

If you are not that into trouser suits, then a reinvented version of it, is the White trousers paired with a White long line waistcoat that can become one of the most versatile items in your closets. Another great way to wear White is by choosing a White parka or trench coat to bear with the transition mode or even a White coat during winter. Match it with White stiletto shoes, and even White gloves to add that hint of classiness to the look.

5. The Winter look.

Choose White for Winter by wearing a White fur, a White polo-neck, and high-waisted cashmere pair of trousers. White chunky knits and furry items are always one of the best investments for the cold days of winter.

6. Layer up for sophistication

 Create a sophisticated look simply by layering your outfit. It’s very easy, all you have to do is layer layer layer. I have referred to layering again in previous posts, and what I mean by this is combining different textures. One possible combination is lace with fur, leather, silk and suede.

7. Go for wide-leg trousers.

Elongate your shape while being romantic and in fashion with a pair of White wide-leg trousers either in chiffon, jean, linen or cotton. Complete the outfit with a silky blouse or a crop top/bralette for your nights out.

8. Embrace your inner sexiness.

For those who are daring and own curvy bodies, go with a fitted mini or midi dress with a deep V or even a halter neck. However, when choosing such an outfit make sure the fabric is thick enough and always be prepared with the right underwear. Finish the look with a pair of nude stilettos or gold to keep the colour contrast balanced.

9. Match it with a statement piece.

When thinking about White and different combinations in creating different looks, you will come up with the result that there are endless possibilities because White goes with everything. Therefore, if you have a statement piece that you want to show off, then White is a great choice to pair it with. This might be either a pair of shoes, a stunning handbag, or some bold jewellery. Anything you choose, you will always be IN.

10. Metallic shades of White.

Metallic shades of White are returning and becoming very popular. Choose a pleated skirt, a pair of skinny jeans, a ripped top or even a jean White jacket that shine either in Gold or Silver and match it with plain White co-ordinates. By this way, you will also make a metallic statement while keeping your outfit to total White. Don’t go with fussy accessories as the shiny item you will be wearing will already add a dose of bling bling to your look.

11. Accessorise your outfits.

White outfits always need accessories that will make the colour pop out. However, this does not mean that we have to overdo it. Go with either Gold or Silver jewellery, depending on your taste and complete your White looks in style. For summer, I would also suggest jewellery in Coral or Turquoise as they are two colours that when combined with White, they are directly related with summer and the Greek islands. For winter, if you want to add colour then Emerald and Burgundy are two colours that look great on White.

12. Fringes, fringes, fringes. 

White is a colour I wouldn’t choose to wear until three years ago. However, when I decided to experiment and mix and match pieces in my closet, I realised that it is one of the best and most versatile colours on earth and each season I became more and more daring, ending in wearing total White outfits and surprise even those who know me well! One of the best textures that I love and believe looks great in White, are fringes and feathers. Fringes sometimes can be too much, and can be worn only during special occasions, however when they are in white, the look changes completely. They can be worn easier and more often. Here, I am wearing a Cavalli Class white dress with fringes and a layer of feathers on the ending. And as I have already said, if you have a statement piece you want to show off then choose white. I chose to wear a pair of gladiator KG by Kurt Geiger sandals in black and python leather.

IMG_0153 copyIMG_0523 copyIMG_0525 copyIMG_0530 copyIMG_0527 copyIMG_0528 copy

How do you style your white outfits? Comment below and let me know πŸ™‚

Peace & Love,




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