#32: Yellow Madness

Hello world 🙂

I hope all you Fashionistas out there are enjoying your summer and have already started filling your wardrobes with colourful outfits, maxi dresses and bold prints!

Today, I have chosen to talk about a colour that people either love or hate; Yellow! A colour that has not been my favourite, but I started changing my mind eventually and even ended up being a maid of honour and wearing a maxi, red-carpet dress in a bold yellow colour and actually the feedback I received was unbelievable!

However, the reason I used to be so reluctant about yellow, is that because it is not a colour that matches all skin tones and each shade of yellow complements different skin types. Lately, we have seen many different shades of yellow appearing in the collections, from neon to lemon, to pastel yellow, etc. and yellow has also started appearing reluctantly in the winter collections too.

Nonetheless, throughout the years I discovered the shade that flatters my pale skin and it is not other than a really bright yellow shade. This season, my favourite yellow garment is a Silvian Heach dress with laser-cut details on the waist and on the hems. It is so light and comfortable and at the same time, it’s a dress that can easily be worn during both day and night outs.

I have matched the dress with black, to create a strong contrast and keep the focus of the eye on the dress, however, since it is a very simple dress, I decided to go with a knitted fringed Moschino pashmina and a Cavalli Class leather fringed bag in black and python. I thought that adding a bit of python print to the outfit, combined better the darkness of the black colour with the intensity of the bright yellow and it is that small detail, which brought the outfit together. I am also wearing a pair of black leather heeled sandals with gold details by Just Cavalli (my favourite pair of shoes for this season).

IMG_0520 copyIMG_0524 copyIMG_0525 copyIMG_0537 copy


  • If you have a pale skin like I do, then choose bold shades of yellow to brighten you up. Lighter shades require a good tanning in order to complement you well, or very bold makeup.
  • One of my favourite colour combinations is black & white with yellow; it is a summery, fresh and different colour combination that can make your outfits stand out.
  •  Don’t be afraid to go with bright colours – once you try it, you are going to love it!


What do you think about yellow? I am waiting for your thoughts 🙂

Peace & Love,




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