#29: Be Electric with Electric Blue

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Well hello Fashionistas πŸ™‚

How is everyone? I am happy to share with you today my excitement for completing my third and final year and officially declare my self as a Popular Music graduate with major in Vocals, Classical and Pop singing. So let the summer begin! Firstly, in the UK but I am soon moving permanently to Cyprus πŸ™‚

And as summer has begun, I want to focus on a colour that matches all skin tones and all seasons; Electric Blue of course or otherwise Royal Blue. These two shades are slightly different but yet still so similar, nonetheless they are two very popular shades of blue that are seen on tracksuits and casual wear but also on red carpet gowns.

I just love this simple cotton casual dress by SH by Silvian Heach because it is very comfortable but most importantly; great quality with an excellent price. You can ask directly at SHE Boutique for the price.

Since the weather is still unpredictable though and I always say ‘better safe than sorry’, I always make sure I carry with me a piece of garment that will provide me coverage during any time of the day.

And yes, I love knits so I couldn’t resist to this long striped Silvian Heach knitted jacket in electric blue and silver, which I felt that it matched perfectly with the dress as well. I love wearing just one colour, especially when it is a bold colour, linking back toΒ Post #7: Monochromatic Outfits.

IMG_8829 copy

I completed my outfit with a loose ponytail, a Cavalli Class bucket bag in grey leathet and laser-cut details and a pair of bling bling Converse that change colours from silver to bronze shades.


  • Wearing just one single bold colour can really make a statement and make the outfit more interesting. Some examples of bold colours that work well in monochromatic outfits are electric or royal blue, baby pink, red, orange, all-white, mint, etc.
  • If you feel like monochromatic outfits are not your thing, then you can easily break the pattern by wearing a necklace or a fancy bag or a pair of shoes that will get all the attention.
  • And remember; be electric with electric blue, a colour that can be easily worn by everyone and complements all skin tones πŸ™‚

Do you like electric blue? Then comment below.

Peace & Love,



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