#28: Pizza 4 ever

Hello Fashionistas 🙂

We are less than a month away from summer so have you planned your summer holidays yet?

Now, who loves pizza? Well, I definitely do 🙂 Today, I will introduce you to SH by Silvian Heach, the newest addition to the Silvian Heach family, a line that is all about youth, fun, quality and very good prices. To be more precise, prices that can compete any high-street brand available and the best part? They are not everywhere, meaning that you won’t possibly see anyone else in the same place wearing the same outfit as you. Cool right? I shop this collection from SHE Boutique, a chain of boutiques in Cyprus where I am the Marketing Director but they ship worldwide.

Today, I am wearing a loose mini dress in a classic black and white combination, with 3/4 sleeves. What I love about this dress are the sequins at the bottom that make the dress more fun and interesting and of course the slogan ‘Pizza 4 ever’.

I matched the outfit with classic Adidas Superstars and held a Sidecar black backpack with coloured beads and black & white patterns, to add a bit of colour and make the it more casual. I completed my look with the Fendi Metropolis sunglasses.

IMG_9431 copyIMG_9459 copyIMG_9454 copyIMG_9440 copy


  • Even if you mostly like wearing smarter and tighter clothes, a loose dress is a must item in our closets for those days when we feel that we can not wear clothes that are too tight, and feel like we need room to breathe.
  • From what you have seen until now on my blog, trainers go with nearly anything. Two examples are #23: From Day to Night (II) and #21: Transition mode. So I would suggest that you invest on a pair of trainers.
  • Sometimes, a bit of fun is all we need so don’t be afraid to try new things and combinations. Get out of your comfort zone and experiment with your outfits!
  • A dress like this can also be worn for a cool night out for drinks with a pair of wedges or even stilettos for those who love mixing & matching.

Do you like pizza?

Peace & Love,




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