#27: Stripes for Black and White

Hello Fashionistas and Happy Easter to everyone who celebrated Easter this weekend 😊

So how was your weekend? I hope you all enjoyed yourselves, had some time to relax and charged your batteries for the upcoming week.

Today, I will be talking to you about stripes; a timeless, ageless trend that will always be in fashion, maybe in different forms and shapes but always in fashion. Colour might also change, but a colour combination that will never fade is black and white; one of my favourite combinations.

I structured this post a bit differently; starting from tips on how to wear stripes and how to include them in your outfits and I will be then showing you one of my favourite ways of inserting stripes in my outfits.


  • Be careful with stripes as different body shapes need different stripes in order to be flattering.
  • Horizontal stripes can make your figure look wider, especially if the stripes are wide. The thinner the stripes are, the more flattering they will be. If you have a fuller bust then go with slimmer stripes for tops. If you are slimmer on top, then go with wider stripes to balance your shape.
  • Vertical stripes can make you appear taller and slimmer, but make sure they are not very wide. If you are already tall and want to wear a striped bottom, then go with wider stripes, but if you want to elongate your shape then choose thin vertical stripes.
  • Stripes are a print that can easily be matched with other prints, such us polka dots so if you are daring and want to combine two prints together, then stripes are the best choice. However, make sure you go with very wide or very thin stripes so that the print is not very busy.
  • The more contrasting the colours of the stripes are, the more they add to your figure. So if you don’t want to add to your shape, go with smoother colour combination, e.g nude and white.
  • If you choose a striped garment but you feel that it draws too much attention, then use accessories, such as a necklace or a belt to break the pattern.
  • Stripes are perfect for colour blocking. Two-coloured stripes can be matched with a contrasting bold colour. For example, I matched black & white with fuschia but you can also use yellow, green, electric blue, orange, or pretty much any bright colour if you go with black & white. Another example, is navy blue & white matched with red for a more nautical look, or nude & white matched with burgundy.
  • If you are wearing a striped dress, always aim for the stripes’ (horizontal or vertical) size to be medium to thin, in order to provide a balance between your upper and lower body parts.

For this look, I chose a short-sleeved Silvian Heach black & white top with horizontal stripes. I matched it with a midi SH by Silvian Heach jersey skirt and completed the outfit with a pair of black Versace Jeans stilettos with coloured studs and an Apriori fuschia blazer to create contrast.

IMG_9102IMG_9106 copyIMG_9100 copyIMG_9109IMG_9113

Do you like stripes? If so, and have some other ideas of outfits, then comment below 🙂

Peace & Love,




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