#26: Two ways to wear your favourite Hoodie

Hello Fashionistas 😊

How is everyone today? I am so jealous these days because back in Cyprus they are preparing for the Easter celebrations, baking Flaounes (traditional greek delis) and dying their eggs, while I’m finishing my dissertation for uni. However, on Sunday I will be leaving behind for a day my work and spend some family moments here in the UK.

Today, I am excited because I will reveal to you one of my favourite garments from this season; my Versace Jeans Hoodie in the iconic Versace print. I find it so special because apart from the print, it has sheer sleeves and pockets, creating a contrast with the whole idea of what a hoodie is. It’s not an ordinary hoodie, instead it’s a hoodie you can wear and go out at night for a drink, while wearing it as a casual hoodie with a pair of joggers.

In this post, I will demonstrate two different ways of wearing a hoodie, other than the usual way of combining it with joggers or jeans as hoodies can make your outfits pop out and at the same time make your look more relaxed, chilled and laid-back.

Look #1

Here, I am wearing my hoodie with a pair of 7/8 skinny pants by G.Sele in cotton with a bit of sheer. I wore my Adidas Superstars in black and white to keep it casual but I held a silver shiny leather bag with gold details by Just Cavalli, that created a contrast with all the gold details in the print of the hoodie and dressed up slightly the outfit.

IMG_9512 copyIMG_9533 copyIMG_9524 copyIMG_9526 copyIMG_9529 copy

Look #2

Here, I wore my hoodie with a cotton black maxi dress by Apart with fringes on the bust.I wore a pair of wooden mules and held the same bag, to make the outfit edgier. I also kept the same hairstyle, so basically all I changed was that I wore a maxi dress and a pair of heels and created a night going out look for those nights that we go for drinks but do not want to be over-dressed. This hoodie, simply made this outfit cool while being smart at the same time.

IMG_9473 copyIMG_9474 copyIMG_9478 copyIMG_9499 copy


  • Metallics are returning, so if you’re not into wearing clothes that are too shiny, go for accessories like the handbag I am holding that can dress up even the sportiest outfits.
  • Don’t be afraid to add sporty elements to your night-out looks; they can really add another dimension to the outfit.
  • If you’re not into prints but want to adopt the look, then go with a monochromatic hoodie that has some statement details, for example bold gold/silver zips.
  • You can also match your hoodie with a pair of flared trousers or a skater dress or skirt. If it’s monochromatic, then you can also match it with a bling bling top/dress, or even lace to add a bit of glitz and glam.

P.S. I love this maxi black dress by Apart, these fringes transform the dress from a simple black maxi dress to a not-so-ordinary black dress, while allowing you to create multiple looks depending on the accessories you match with it.

So this is it for today. If you liked my post feel free to comment below, I would love to see your thoughts and ideas 🙂

Peace & Love,






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