#23: From Day to Night (II)

Hello Fashionistas 🙂

How are you? This week, has been really stressing me out because I have 5 assignments to hand in and my final solo recital is also due next Thursday, so I have been rehearsing day and night while meanwhile trying to finish all my written work.

However, I just had to write up a new post on the blog and get my mind off studying for a while by doing something more fun 🙂

So, today’s topic is From-Day-to-Night (Part 2) since you all loved my previous #11: From Day to Night post. I have said in that post, that this is something I actually do most of the time, as I am always busy. So with a few simple steps I manage to transform my outfits from casual to a night out outfits!

This does not necessarily mean that I am transforming the outfits to entirely night-out oriented. Here for example, I transformed my outfit during daylight as I went for a casual coffee in the morning wearing my flats, and then I was invited at an event that was early in the afternoon.

For the day

During the day, I went with a black midi SH by Silvian Heach skirt from their SS16 collection, matched with my favourite SS16 piece; My SH by Silvian Heach Looney Tunes shirt from SHE Boutique! For coverage, I chose to go with a Roberta Biaggi bright orange leather jacket with flares and gold chains, which added that touch of classiness to my fun outfit and for shoes I wore my Adidas Superstars in black and white to keep it cool.

I completed my outfit with a Cavalli Class black leather tote, my Miu Miu round sunglasses and my hair in a half-up top knot bun (a very popular hairstyle for this season), to keep it casual and at the same time playful.

IMG_8701 copyIMG_8703 copyIMG_8716 copyIMG_8727 copy

For the night

To transform my outfit I followed 3 simple steps:

  1. Changed my shoes and wore my black barely-there sandals from Zara.
  2. Held a smaller bag; a black Silvian Heach cross-bag with gold chains.
  3. Tied my hair into a sleek ponytail.

And that was really it! With 3 simple steps, I transformed my outfit from casual to a more lady-like look.

IMG_8739 copyIMG_8746 copyIMG_8748 copyIMG_8750 copyIMG_8762 copyIMG_8769 copyIMG_8774 copy


  • Barely-there sandals are easy to wear and due to the fact that they are not extremely high, you can actually be elegant while feeling comfortable.
  • If you already have a black leather jacket in your closet then make sure that your next leather jacket is in a bold colour. They can really make a statement without making your outfit fussy.
  • By applying these simple steps in transforming your outfits, you can actually enjoy your purchases by wearing them more.
  • A black midi skirt is a must-have piece as it will help you in creating multiple outfits.

Do you like my outfit? Then comment below 🙂 And don’t forget that you can also find me on Facebook and Instagram.

Peace & Love,




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