#22: Flared Jeans

Well hello Fashionistas 😊

Time to welcome spring for good, do you agree? And what is better than enjoying spring with a pair of flared jeans; one of the most popular trends for this season. Flared jeans and trousers like bootcuts and wide legs are officially back!

And speaking of flared jeans there are some advantages that are hard to ignore!

  • They are FLATTERING for most body shapes. They even out proportions even for pear and inverted triangle body shapes, making women appear slimmer and balances the upper part of the body with the lower part.
  • They ELONGATE us; flares allow for women to wear high heels and hide them underneath the flare, tricking the eye and leaving everyone with the inpression that we are taller than how tall we actually are.
  • They provide ELEGANCE; it is undeniable that flares give to our outfits a touch of elegance that skinnier trousers don’t.
  • They make our outfits a bit more RETRO, reminding us of the 40’s and 70’s (great eras when referring to fashion).
  • They provide COMFORT; flared jeans can actually be more comfortable than skinnier trousers, as they allow the body to breathe more.
  • They can make your appearance look NEW and REFRESHING; after all these skinny and boyfriend trousers that we all wore, a pair of flared jeans can really make a difference to our look.

I personally love flares and ever since I realised that they would be returning, I had to find the perfect fit of flared jeans for my body type. After trying on a couple of different flared jeans, I found the perfect pair from the Just Cavalli SS16 collection. Not too dark, nor too bright, they are the perfect colour for combining them with any top.

Flared jeans are also cool because they can help you create different looks and outfits by matching them with different tops and accessories.

Here, I am showing to you two sorts of outfits that are perfect for the weather change we are facing during this season. You can either make your outfit more retro, business like, serious, bohemian, hippie, fun, depending on what you choose to pair it with.

In the first set of pictures, I am wearing my flared jeans with a cotton light blue Taifun shirt-top and a light blue knitted cape for covering. I completed my outfit with my Miu Miu round sunglasses to create a more retro look. But what made my outfit really complete are my bronze contemporary styled sabots from the Versace Jeans SS16 shoes collection from SHE Boutique and my mini vintage Iceberg bag.


In the second set of pictures, I chose to go with a slightly more ‘serious’ and classic style and in some ways a business look outfit by combining my flared jeans with a white t-shirt and a black Apriori blazer with silver buttons and lace-up details on the sleeves. I wanted to give to my look some interest so I chose to go with a Just Cavalli tri-coloured clutch bag in black, orange and green and a pair of Raybans wayfarers.



  • Depending on your body shape, always aim in choosing the best fit for you. Be careful because as much as flattering flares can be, they can also be unflattering. For my body shape, a pair of too wide flared trousers would just be overwhelming. Taller and curvier bodies can also support really wide flares well, while shorter and/or petite body shapes need less wider flares unless the fabric is lighter and clings on the body.
  • Flared trousers would be better to be combined with heeled shoes. This is because wearing flats with flares can be very unflattering to some body types and you will also loose the  advantage of elongating your shape.
  • Flares are supposed to touch the ground but be sure that you adjust the length according to your height and the shoes you will be wearing it with. If they are longer they will be destroyed in the end and they also won’t look good.

Do you like flared jeans? Then feel free to comment below.

Peace & Love,




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