#20: Welcoming Spring with Polka Dots

IMG_8395 copy

Hello Fashionistas 🙂

So how has your week been so far? I am officially over and done with the second semester of my final year at Uni, and will be travelling today to go back to Cyprus for a 10 day-break before I return back for my final recital.

The past few days have been extremely cold in Manchester but the weather has finally started changing and as soon as the sun came out, I prepared the very first post for Spring. So welcome Spring 🙂 But…since Spring is usually unpredictable (once cold and once warm), layering is the best way to cope with it.

I am so happy that I’ll be showing you some of my new clothes today; I divided the photos into parts so you can see each layer.

In the first set of pictures I am wearing my brand new Taifun parka in blue which is perfect for in between the seasons. It is sporty but feminine and you can adjust the sleeves as far as length is concerned simply by securing them with straps. It is so light in fabric and adds style to the outfit while keeping me as warm as required. Another great thing about it, are the hidden adjustable straps inside the parka, with which you can simply adjust the waist and from baggy transform it to a slim-waisted elegant parka. This allows you to use it more and wear it with more clothes.

IMG_8398 copyIMG_84087IMG_8524 copyIMG_8526 copy

As soon as I found a spot where the sun was shining, I took off the coat and the navy blue Apart jumper to show off my new amazing Taifun polka dot shirt in navy and white. I just love it because it is 100% cotton, meaning that it is so light allowing you to wear it even during summer time with the sleeves rolled up. Taifun has been one of my favourite brands for many years now because they offer good quality with good prices and their clothes are so versatile. They will never go out of fashion and can be worn from day to night and this is certainly a plus for me when purchasing a new garment.

I am also wearing a pair of navy blue jeans by Melina and at this point I have to tell you about my sunglasses. I bought them in Milan from a franchise store called NAU! (first time I came across the brand and had never heard it before but apparently they have got many mono-brand stores in Italy) and I totally reccomend checking it out because they have a very broad collection of sunglasses in really good prices with 100% sun protection.

My watch is the Daniel Wellington in rose gold with the vintage blue and white strap.

IMG_8446 copyIMG_8439 copyIMG_8441 copyIMG_8531 copy

And let’s not forget about the most important accessories for an outfit; shoes and bag! I am holding the Michael Kors camel shopper bag and wearing Stan Smiths by Adidas Originals from the Rita Ora collection.

IMG_8516 copy

Last but not least, I completed the outfit with boxer braids that are THE hottest trend for Spring 2016. They are so cool and comfortable, having your hair up but in a tidy and fashionable way so if you haven’t tried this hairstyle yet, go for it!

IMG_8400 copy


  • Seasonal parkas always end up as good investments because when the weather has its ups and downs, it is the best choice to complete your outfit. Another plus is that they can be carried anywhere, without worrying that it will get creases.
  • Shirts are so comfortable and brilliant for Spring. Use the same shirt to transform different outfits and therefore enjoy your purchase more. (look my 8+1 Ways to Wear a Shirt)
  • Blue and white is always a great colour combination for Spring and Summer.
  • Boxer Braids; if you have relatively long hair it is totally worth trying them!

P.S. Thanks to Taifun for my awesome new clothes. I loved them!

What did you think about my first post for Spring? Comment below 🙂

Photo Credits: Petros Andreou

Peace & Love,




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