#19: Windy Weather

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Hello Fashionistas 🙂

It might be officially Spring now, but here in Manchester it certainly does not smell like spring yet! In fact, it is still cold and rainy, not to mention that last Friday it was snowing. So today, it’s the last post for winter and from next week onwards we will be looking into transitional outfits and of course spring inspired looks 🙂

For the time being, I will be talking today about another day I spent in Cyprus, at the beautiful Paphos. It was a windy day but Paphos is so amazing that me and my boyfriend could not resist in taking a walk by the beach and admire the beautiful scenery. 

For a casual morning walk, I chose to wear my Just Cavalli biker jeans with my vanilla Converse. For coverage I wore a Just Cavalli black jacket with gold details, which I absolutely adore because it can be worn with trainers for a casual look but also with a dress and stilettos for the evening. 

To add some colour to my dark outfit, I chose a cape by Melina, in colour block of camel, red, blue, black and burgundy. It is remarkable how that piece of garment can keep you so warm. It really made a difference to my look but at the same time it kept me so warm. Last but not least, I am holding a burgundy Cavalli Class bag. A lot of you have been asking me about these bags if I have two different sizes, so yes the answer is yes. I loved this collection that I could not resist ;). 

My sunglasses are the Fendi Metropolis in black, brown and white. 


  • A burgundy bag is the alternative to a red bag and believe me you will be amazed with how many different colours burgundy can be combined. Some of them are black, grey, ecru, all shades of blue, camel, khaki, emerald green, pink, white, beige and brown. 
  • I have already refered to capes but I will keep refering to them because they are a must. They can make the difference to your outfit. 
  • Black jeans; own as many as you can, either ripped, biker, with leather details, plain, flared, skinny, dyed, make sure you have many different styles and shapes. They are the perfect base in building an outfit. 

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Photo Credits: Sofoklis Sofokleous

Peace & Love,




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