#16: Rays of Sunshine


Hello world 🙂

I am so happy I went to Cyprus this week, as I got to enjoy some rays of sunshine. The last few days in Manchester were so dull with constant rain that would not allow me to wear any light coloured coats.

So as soon as I got back to Cyprus, I immediately ran to wear my excquisite Taifun ecru coat that I had missed. It was a sunny day with the rays of sunshine shining and me and my boyfriend decided to go for a nice walk, when we realised that the rays were so strong that you could see them in the camera lens. That is where we decided to take some pictures and capture this wonderful moment. It is pretty amazing how in Cyprus it can be cold during winter, but the sun is almost always present. And we were lucky that we were able to capture the rays in the photos that you see right now 🙂

So ecru; A colour worn at the beginning only during Spring and Summer but as soon as this colour appeared in Winter collections, it became the favourite colour of many women. Nowadays, I can say that ecru is linked mostly with winter rather than summer. What I love with ecru, is that no matter if everything else you wear is dark, ecru will always brighten you up. What is more, this colour will always find its position in the winter collections, just like black. It is now considered one of the timeless colours.

I love this coat because it is so simple but yet so stylish and I like clean, simple, minimal shapes and garments. Even though it is a classic cashmere coat, it has got a side fastening rather than a middle one and a zip instead of buttons. These two simple things add to the look of the coat that something extra that makes it so interesting.

Yes, you should have realised by now that I love coats. Why is that? Because they keep you warm and can transform a simple outfit. You might be wearing the same outfit with two different coats but each time it will look different. And let’s not forget that the weather now, requires wearing coats. So invest your money into buying a coat and you won’t regret it.

I am wearing dark blue skinny jeans, my suede knee-high boots and I am holding a Just Cavalli velvet handbag in zebra print with gold details. This bag is so handy as its gold chain can be adjusted and turn the bag from crossbag or messenger to a classic shoulder bag. You can see this in the photos as I held it in both ways. You can simply adjust it, depending on the occasion you want to hold it to.


  • This look would also be great with a pair of Adidas Superstars or any other trainers, if you want to keep it more casual.
  • As I have said many times before, knee-high boots are easy to wear. This season I wore them with a pair of culottes, with a mini skirt and dress and with skinny jeans too. However, if you feel like knee-high is not your thing, you can always go with below-the-knee boots. Nonetheless, a pair of suede boots is a must.
  • Ecru is a difficult colour because it is a very bright colour. Many women do not prefer wearing it because when the fabric is light, it can be revealing, leaving parts of the body exposed. However, if you search well you can always find something in ecru colour that will match your body type and style. If you are choosing a blouse, then go for a looser one, and if you are going with a skirt or trousers make sure they are not see-through. Or you can choose an ecru coat just like I did and feel comfortable in it.
  • Small handbags do not need to be held only during your night-outs, special occasions and so on. They are now popular for every day, no matter how bling-bling they might be. Hold them during the daylight for a morning coffee with a pair of jeans or a knitted dress and they will still look fab. This means that you will be able to enjoy your purchases more.

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Peace & Love,





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