#14: Love my culottes


Hello Beauties 🙂

With regards to my previous post ‘The Queens Closet Goes to Dusseldorf’, I found the opportunity to refer to one of my favourite items: The Culottes.

Culottes were very popular many many years ago and since last season, they popped out of nowhere and stunned as all. Why? Because we were comfortable in our skinny and boyfriend trousers that we never imagined they would return. But now they are back and they will be for SS 16 and for FW16-17 for sure. I strongly believe that they will continue being in fashion for quite a long time.

What is so great about them, is that they are available in so many different colours, shapes and textures allowing to any body shape to wear them and support them well. Due to this, they can please any style as long as you know which styles suit you best.

My favourite culottes until now, are the Silvian Heach black culottes in a heavy jersey fabric. They are so versatile, meaning that they can adapt to many different styles and they are flowy; they seem like a skirt at first glance because they are so wide with pleats giving you freedom of movements and making you feel comfortable in them.

Even though I love the retro and vintage styles, I also love adding a bit of rock to my outfits most of the time. Therefore, I transformed these culottes from romantic and vintage to rock vintage simply by wearing a Burgundy Leather biker jacket again by Silvian Heach. This gave to my outfit some edge and made it more interesting.

My amazing knitted cape is from Melina, which made the outfit smart casual, just what I needed for my day out. I also have to mention here that it is very warm. In the first set of pictures I am holding a real Leather Cavalli Class handbag, while in the last pictures I am holding a Versace Jeans clutch bag with gold studs and green crystals that added to the rock vibes I wanted to bring out.

What is cool about this outfit is that it can easily be transformed from a day outfit to a night-out outfit, something I love doing most of the time (Referring to my post ‘From Day to Night’). As you can see in the first photos I am wearing a cape and holding another bag so all I did was remove the cape and change my handbag and that was it. I was ready to go out for drinks without overthinking it.


  • Capes are a must piece and they will continue on being for next winter also. They can even be worn on top of your long coats and give to your outfit a smarter look.
  • When buying culottes, always think first which shape suits your body type. Not all shapes suit everyone. Always remember that we don’t have to wear anything that is in Fashion unless it suits us first. Nowadays there are so many options available in the market so you can easily find the perfect fit for you and adjust it to your style.
  • Culottes can be worn in many different ways, but remember to always keep the shapes. I chose a wide culotte, therefore I went with tighter top. If you wear a skinnier culotte then you can go with looser tops too. This depends entirely on what part of your body you want to emphasise on.
  • This is an easy way to transform your outfits from day to night without much effort. 

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For now, have a nice weekend Fashionistas 🙂

Peace & Love,





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