#13: The Queens Closet goes to Düsseldorf

Hello from Manchester Fashionistas 🙂

I am now back to routine until Sunday where I will be travelling to Cyprus for a week. So  how are you? I have been preparing this post to update you all with what I have done in Düsseldorf, Germany and what new information I brought with me regarding next winter collections; Fall/Winter 2016-2017.

Day 1

First day was all about going around the Fashion House, The Halle 29 and 30 (two amazing massive buildings that consist only of showrooms for fashion garments and accessories). It was a day of exploring the new collections, what the designers are introducing and what the colour palettes are. We then went to the city centre for a walk at the beautiful Düsseldorf.

Day 2

Day 2 was spent at the House of Gerry Weber placing orders for SHE Boutique (exclusive retailers in Cyprus) on their first Fall/Winter collection for both Gerry Weber and Taifun. After that, we headed to the Fashion House and visited the showroom of Apart (another exclusivity for SHE) where another order was placed. By the end of the day we were exausted so we went directly back to the Hotel.

Day 3

Day 3 started with Frank Lyman and continued at The Gallery, the fashion exhibition of Düsseldorf where many fashion brands showed their collections. There, we discovered some new fresh brands that will be available soon at SHE 🙂 The day ended at Schumacher, a traditional German restaurant and pub where we enjoyed among with friends some German delis.

Day 4

Once again at Gerry Weber of course! It was time to view the second and main collections of Gerry Weber and Taifun, which were absolutely striking!  When we finished in the evening it was time for some drinks at their bar before leaving the empire. We then went to the Fashion House where we sat front row at a fashion show organised by all the brands there while enjoying a glass of champagne and some finger food.

Day 5 

Another long day; started at the showroom of Rino e Pelle to order some exquisite faux leather and fur jackets. After that we went to The Gallery Red Carpet, which is an exhibition with evening wear only where we watched another Fashion Show and discovered some other new brands. This followed by a visit to Halle 30 (another fashion building) where we placed an order with Tuzzi Fashion and that was a wrap. The day ended at the city centre where we went for a night walk.

So that was it from Düsseldorf. Another wonderful business trip has come to an end but left some of the best memories and gave me the advantage to be able to inform you about next Winter’s Fashion Trends 😉


Colours are turning towards pastels; So GREY is the new Black! All shades of Grey, all textures of Grey, everything amd anything in Grey. After Grey comes CAMEL. But Camel has transformed. Even though there are still some strong Camel pieces in the collections, now a paler shade is more popular. Something between Camel and Beige and referring to these, I must say that ECRU is still in fashion. And then there is LIGHT BLUE with colour combinations of Camel/Beige with Grey or Camel/Beige with Light Blue. Or Light Blue with Camel and Navy Blue, which brings us to the bright colours.

It is either one way or the other. Either bright and dark or pale and pastels. As far as bright colours are concerned; RED RED RED. Red with Grey, Red with Black, Red with Pink, Red with Red. And after red, BRICK RED follows and then a colour between Burgundy and Plum is the new craze, which is called WINE RED. And while referring to Red, a completely new colour was introduced; BRICK ORANGE. This means we have all sorts of Red and a bit of Orange too 🙂 But let’s not forget NAVY BLUE, which is now shown in combination with Camel, something I suggested to you in my previous post ‘Camel Overdose’ (this proves I know what I’m talking about 🙂 ). And of course, BLACK. Black is Black, it never goes out of Fashion, it just changes forms, materials and combinations; The best colour.


  • SUEDE – Faux Suede or Real Suede, anything you prefer. It is now available in tops, coats, jackets, dresses, skirts, trousers and accessories and in any shade that is popular.
  • LEATHER – Again, faux leather or real leather, it is time to take out of your closets all your leather items because you will need them. If you don’t own one, then make sure you buy a leather jacket.
  • FEATHERS AND FURS – Do you want a bit of glitz and glamour in your outfits? Then this season you will have it. Feathers and Furs have been in fashion the past few years but now, they are becoming the next big trend. Everyone will wear them and they will be available in a numerous colours and shapes to please every style.
  • KNITWEAR – Knitwear has become very popular lately and this season they will still be. They are now showing knits on knits, meaning knitted dresses matched with knitted jackets and coats, or coordinate pieces of both knitted bottom and tops.

Must-Have Items:

  • Waistcoats.
  • Coats.
  • Shirt-dresses.
  • Wide length trousers.
  • Culottes.
  • Shirts.
  • Oversized knits.
  • Capes.

Here are some of the outfits I wore while in Dusseldorf.

IMG_6389 copyIMG_6391 copyIMG_6393 copyIMG_6480 copy

On the photos above I am wearing a pair of black biker jeans, a silk black blouse with trimmings of animal print and a pair of heeled-trainers all by Just Cavalli. I am also wearing a fur waistcoat by Gerry Weber and I am holding a black leather Cavalli Class tote.

IMG_6925 copyIMG_6927 copyIMG_6926 copyIMG_6916 copyIMG_6915 copyIMG_6931 copy

Here, I wore my black culottes and a leather burgundy biker jacket, both by Silvian Heach with a Taifun black shirt tucked in. I completed my outfit with my knee-high suede boots by Ego.

IMG_6995 copyIMG_7081 copy

IMG_7087 copy

IMG_7094 copy

For my last day I chose a pair of ripped jeans by Melina and a black jumper with gold print by Gerry Weber. I also wore my black heeled Just Cavalli trainers because they are so comfortable and my favourite Taifun cashmere coat in black.

This is it for now, I hope that you liked my post. If you did so, then like it simply by signing in through your Facebook account. More details about Fall/Winter 2016-2017 will be available after returning from Milan Fashion Week.

Peace & Love,




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