#12: Camel overdose






Hello from Dusseldorf Fashionistas 🙂

How are you? I am in Dusseldorf, Germany viewing the new collections for Fall/Winter 2016 and I have to admitt that they are amazing! I will update you further on in the blog about the new trends and colours.

Today it’s all about Camel. Or as I say, the ‘Camel Overdose’. Why is that? Because camel, has become the new craze in fashion. Shoes, bags, watches, trousers, tops but most importantly; COATS! Coats of all kinds, long woollen coats, short ones, furry ones, suede or leather. It is pretty amazing how a few years ago, consumers would say no to camel but now everyone wants to own something in camel. And of course, I am one of them.

There are many colours to match your camel items with, like black,dark blue, burgundy, khaki, brown, green, orange, etc. I chose a total black outfit and a Taifun cashmere camel coat, which are available exclusively in Cyprus only at SHE Boutique (they can send parcels to any country). I love how camel, which is a warm colour contradicts with the mystery and edge of black and for my style, this is be the best combination. However, I would also go with camel and dark blue; it’s an amazing colour combination that you should try out.

I am wearing a Just Cavalli pair of black jeans, a black shiffon Lolitas y L blouse, my black leather knee-high Aldo boots and I am holding once more my Just Cavalli leather handbag with tassels and gold studs as I strongly feel gold enhances my camel coat. I also chose a Burberry scarf in their iconic print that matched perfectly with my outfit and kept me warm, since it was freezing outside.


  • Camel is not a colour that matches all skin colours so be careful. If you have a pale skin like I do, then make sure you apply more blush than usual to brighten you up or even a bright lipstick if you feel like doing so.
  • There are different tones of camel on the market so try on whatever you like, but choose the item that its camel shade, suits best your skin.
  • As I always say; experiment with colour combinations as there are loads of ways to match your camel outfit, just keep mixing & matching.
  • When referring to coats then always have in mind one important rule: first comes Black and second comes Camel. If you are planning to buy a new coat and already own a Black one, then you should think about purchasing a Camel coat. 

Have a nice weekend everyone 🙂

Peace & Love,




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