#11: From Day to Night

Hello again my gorgeous Fashionistas 🙂

Today I decided to share with you something that happens to me most of the days I am in Cyprus. Due to the fact that I leave home early in the morning to go to work and go back home late at night, I always face a problem: What do I do when I am invited to go out for drinks, at a restaurant etc? I believe that many of you sympathise with me right now!

So, I will give you some simple tips on how to transform your day outfit to a night out look. First of all, aim at purchasing some basic pieces that are comfortable to wear all day like a pair of nice black jeans that you can wear with almost anything and a pair of comfy high-heeled boots. I usually wear basic items for bottoms and make sure I always carry with me my essentials make up kit (which we will discuss in another post) so that I can top up my makeup and may even add a dark lisptick. 

What is more, most of the time you will see me holding handbags that are not very big in size, yet still I can fit in what I need for the day. This is because medium sized handbags are easy to carry and can be held from day to night. All is left to do is to take with you when you leave home, a nice top and a jacket (if you want) and that’s really it! Actually, if you wear a nice long coat or a furry jacket in the morning, then there is no need to carry another one with you (that is what I normally do but this time I decided to wear another jacket for the night).

I started my day like this…

With a pair of Just Cavalli biker jeans and a cotton print top, a Lolitas y L beige knitted jacket and one of my favourites,; my Just Cavalli leather bag with tassells and gold studs. My outfit was completed with my knee-high heeled boots from Ego (check them for the latest trends on shoes with the best prices in the market) that are easy to wear anywhere. I used my Naked Palette No.3 for eyeshadows as I love neutral colours in beige and brown and they are also perfect for a day-to-night look.

….But ended like this..!

With the same trousers, handbag and boots! I wore a silk Just Cavalli blouse with a Zeila Faux fur camel bomber jacket and a simple ponytail. I already had my makeup on so I just topped up my brown lipstick and blush and that was it; that was all I needed to transform my outfit from day to night.


  • Always aim at buying clothes that are easy to wear during any time of the day. By this way you will be able to enjoy your clothes more as you will wear them more.
  • You can transform an outfit from day to night only by changing the shoes you are wearing.
  • ‘Simplicity is the key of true elegance’; keep that always in mind when purchasing new garments. Howewer!!!! Too plain can become too boring so always use your gutt and your personal style and add a bit of it to your outfits, either with a piece of jewellery, a handbag, a lipstick or anything your heart desires. BUT always on point.
  • You don’t know what will happen each day so every time you leave home make sure you are dressed appropriately. Don’t be bored to spend some time on yourselves, put on some mascara and apply some blush on your cheeks. Even if you are wearing tracksuits, you still have to be stylish 😉

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Peace & Love,




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