#9: Recycling & Flamingos

Goodmorning Fashionistas 🙂

While I was in Cyprus for the Christmas Holidays, I was lucky to welcome the thousands of flamingos that visited our Salt Lake in my hometown, Larnaca. I have to say that it was amazing and that anyone who lives in Cyprus and reads this post, if the flamingos are still there I strongly recommend you to go and see them. You can actually see them in the photos.

As it was an early sunny Sunday morning  but extremely cold, I had to layer up in order to keep my self warm. Since I chose to wear black, I wore my camel leather knee-high boots with tassels on the back side and everyone was asking me where i bought them from. You are probably wondering why I am focusing on the boots right now. Well, the reason is that these boots have been in my closet for 5 years now. I bought them 5 years ago when knee-high boots were in fashion but after a year this trend was gone so I kept them in my closet until this winter. If you are careful with your clothes and accessories then there is no need to throw them away when they are out of fashion because fashion as I have said many times before, goes round and around, back and forth. I would have bought another pair of camel knee-high boots this season if I hadn’t kept them but instead this gesture saved me some money that I could spend on something else. So keep your garments in your closets because you will one day bring them back to the limelight and make an impression 😉 Especially with your shoes and accessories!

Apart from this, Fashion is not what we are offered four times a year, but what we make out of it. You can keep some of your old clothes and with some simple adjustments, i.e. Removing the sleeves, you can easily transform your garment into something else. So, recycle your garments because they will one day be back in fashion again or you can turn them into new, refreshing, stunning fashionable items!

I also want to say that it actually does not matter at all if a garment you are wearing is not from the present season. If you know how to insert those items into the current trends, then you have won the game. You will not only make the most of your closet and enjoy your purchases but you will also save money. The trick is to know your closets and what is in them and finding ways to mix & match in order to make your outfits stylish and fashionable. After all, we are all Queens of our wardrobes 😉

I am wearing a pair of black Just Cavalli jeans, a Taifun black woollen coat and a black scarf with camel shapes that matched the knee-high boots and brightened up my dark outfit. I am also holding a FW15 Cavalli Class leather black tote bag with gold details and wearing my Fendi Metropolis tricolour sunglasses.

What items have you kept in your closets for years? Show me through Facebook or Instagram by using the hashtag #thequeensclosetbyg.

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Peace & Love,




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