Post #8: 8 + 1 Ways to Wear The White Shirt

Dear Fashionistas,

How are you? I want to thank everyone who has been reading my posts, I have been receiving positive feedback from many people and this is very important and encouraging for me 🙂 I also want to welcome you to my brand new website, which is now updated. Don’t forget that you can also find me on Facebook (just press the word in blue and you will be redirected) and on Instagram, where I post regularly pictures of my daily outfits and activities.

Today I will be talking about the White Shirt; a garment that every single woman has in her wardrobe even though originally worn exclusively by men. This garment has been underestimated lately, yet is timeless. Today I will show you how you can insert the white shirt in your outfits, creating new, different and refreshing looks. No matter your age or size, the white shirt can help you create an outfit or better; many outfits.


Coordinate trouser suit that nowadays can be worn not only at work with stilettos, but also as an everyday outfit with a pair of trainers or for a night out with some bold jewellery and a fur coat on top.


For those who love the old times; a leather pleated high-waisted and below-the-knee skirt with the white shirt tucked in and all buttons closed and a fur jacket in a pale pink shade. This look can be worn during the day with high suede boots (flat or high-heeled), or for a night out with a pair of stilettos. A necklace worn on top of the closed shirt and a loose chignon will complete the outfit.


A knitted black & white skirt with the white shirt tucked in but with the top two buttons left open are perfect for an everyday smart-casual look. Complete the outfit with a short woollen jacket and a red scarf, a pair of high boots or even a pair of ankle boots.


For those who love leather, biker jeans and adding some edge and a touch of rock to their outfits like I do ( 🙂 ), they can wear their biker jeans with the white shirt hanging out of the trousers and a leather waistcoat on top. If it’s cold outside then a beanie and a scarf with geometrical shapes and a small dose of red as well as a pair of trainers or leather ankle boots will make the outfit pop. If you want to adopt this look for a night out then swap the trainers with a pair of lace-up stilettos, or knee-high heeled boots, leave behind the beanie and wear some bold jewellery instead.


Do you love colour? Then wear your ripped blue skinny jeans with the white shirt hanging loose over your jeans and simply add a coloured fur waistcoat for coverage. Go with trainers or flat boots, a tote bag and a ponytail for the day and lace-up stilettos, a pair of earrings, a cross bag and your hair down for night out and that’s it.


A skater skirt in grey is all you need. Tuck your white shirt in and wear a leather biker jacket in a burgundy colour to transform your outfit from romantic to rock-romantic 😉 Any pair of shoes would go with this look, depending on where you want to go and what suits your personal style. Choose from trainers, ankle boots, knee-high boots, lace-up stilettos, flat or high-heeled. One of my favourite looks!


Since white shirts are simple and basic, they can be matched with nearly anything. Therefore, if you have a pair of stunning print trousers or leggings that you want to show off simply wear it with a white shirt on top. It is left upon your decision whether you will tuck in the shirt or not and this depends on the type of look you want to create and the attitude you want to bring out. A leather jacket for coverage will keep you warm and stylish, and a pair of stilettos or ankle boots would be the best choice so that you leave your striking print trousers exposed to the eye.


Midi high-waisted skirts are the symbol of elegance and femininity. Tone down your skirt for an all-day outfit by tucking in your white shirt and wearing a furry knitted jumper on top of it. By this way you can transform the classic ‘lawyer look’ to a more interesting outfit that will keep you warm at the same time. I would go with high suede boots for a laid-back look or a pair of lace-up stilettos to spice things up.


You might think when you look at the photos below that I am wearing a white shirt and a mini black skirt. You are wrong! I wore my white shirt on top of a mini fitted leather dress that gives the impression as if I am wearing a mini skirt. I matched it with a pair of opaque black tights and a long fur Silvian Heach waistcoat in Black & Midnight Blue for coverage that gave my outfit an attitude, added some elegance to the look and made the outfit more sophisticated. Last but not least, I am wearing my flat knee-high leather ALDO boots with gold details, but you can transform the outfit simply by wearing some knee-high stiletto boots instead.

Special thanks to SHE Boutique for allowing me to use the clothes that are in the outfit photos in this post. All garments available at SHE.

Please do send me your white shirt outfits through Facebook or Instagram by using the hashtag #thequeensclosetbyg. I am open to new ideas 🙂

Peace & Love,




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