Post #6: Lipstick Addiction

Hello Fashionistas 🙂

Holidays are officially over and from today everyone is back to their daily routines. I am also leaving Cyprus soon to go back to Manchester, however I am looking forward to because in a months time I will be travelling to Dusseldorf and Milan for Milan Fashion Week as the buying season for Fall/Winter 2016 starts. Apart from this, I can not wait to be over and done with this semester, hand in all my assignments and complete my third and final year at University! What are your plans for the new year?

Whatever they are, make sure you always choose a lipstick to accompany you. Because lipstick can’t solve all problems, but it’s a pretty great start. Whenever you feel down or tired just put on some lipstick and you’ll immediately feel the difference. For me, there’s no such thing as having too many lipsticks. Each one of them is a different shade, meaning that it is worn at different times and places and of course with different outfits. Today, I will introduce you to some of my best colours for this season. Because holidays may be over, but lipsticks and women is a never-ending relationship 😉 It’s an addiction.

I have created two different categories of lipsticks; The natural/earthy ones and the bright/darker ones; what time of the day you will wear them is entirely on you, even though I always choose more earthy colours for the day and brighter ones for the night (except for when I go with dark eyes).

I have to admit that my favourite lipsticks are Mac Lipsticks because they are long-lasting, they feel nice on my lips, and most importantly they have various choices and an endless colour palette. However, this summer I came across Zerva lipsticks and was amazed by how great and similar to Mac are, so make sure you check them out. I always get them from Beauty Salon by Fotini.


Starting from the natural ones, my favourite shades are three and are all from Mac. This season the most popular colour for lipsticks is brown and I chose three that have become my new favourites. We’ll start with Faux (right hand side), a shade that combines both pink and brown meaning that it suits all skin colours, all ages and of course all outfits. If you want to go for something more browny, then choose the middle one, which is called Velvet Teddy. A great matte lipstick that lasts for hours in a light brown shade that will give attitude to your look. Last but not least, if you are an adventurous person then go for Persistence (left hand side); a darker brown shade with matte finish. This lipstick can be worn from day to night depending on your outfit and makeup but is definitely a lipstick you should have in your collection for this season.



For your nights out, choose brighter lipsticks. The past few years they have become so popular that so many different shades and textures are available. At first, I was very reluctant in wearing a dark lipstick, even though I loved them but as soon as I tried it on, they have become essential to my makeup looks. Starting from the right hand side, Rebel by Mac is a lipstick that has become so popular with women. It might be the fact that it combines red with blue equally creating some kind of a purple colour that can match any skin colour, meaning that any woman can wear it. After Rebel I discovered Diva Antics by Mac. This shade is close to Rebel but has more red than blue, making it like a very dark brownish red, which is absolutely stunning when worn on. It also has a glossy finish, giving the sense that you are also wearing a lipgloss on top of your lipstick so it is like combining 2 in 1. So we now move to the red shades and like Gwyneth Paltrow has stated ‘Beauty, to me is about being comfortable in your own skin. That, or a kick-ass red lipstick’. The best red lipsticks I found in the market are the two Zerva lipsticks with shade numbers 11 and 54 respectively. These two red lipsticks are the best shades and textures I have discovered in the market. The first one is in a bright red colour (a shade every woman must have) and the left one is a darker red, a shade that is very popular this season.


– Don’t hesitate to mix two or three lipsticks together in order to create the colour you want. I do it all the time 😉

– Be careful with dark lipsticks, not to overdo it with the whole makeup. With bright red lipsticks I suggest you go with just a highlighter and a killer eyeliner line but with darker lipsticks like plum and bordeaux, you could add some brown eyeshadows too. BUT be careful not to overdo it with the eyeshadows.

– If you’re going with dark smokey eyes, just go with the natural lipsticks.

– Always remember that especially with makeup looks, overdoing it can change your whole features and this is not good.

Peace & Love,






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