Post #5: Bling Bling

Happy Christmas Fashionistas!

What have you been up to? How were your Christmas holidays? Mine were just perfect, with family and friends, ate loads and drank a lot of wine too! (Note down that I do not drink alcohol at all)

Okay so today’s post could not get more glamorous than what it already is. As New Year’s Eve is just one day away, we are getting ready to welcome the new year in our most stunning outfit that we bought especially for the New Year’s Eve party. Am I correct? Women book their appointments at the hairdressers, MUAs and visit all the stores to find the perfect outfit for them, especially for this specific night.

As a woman myself, I couldn’t be doing something different. Actually for me, New Year’s Eve is one of the best days of my life because 20 years ago, my little brother was born and I feel ultra emotionally attached to this day and love welcoming the New Year with my family. I also always like welcoming the New Year in a new outfit, I must confess 🙂 But who doesn’t?

Well, when it comes to your New Year’s Eve outfits, ALMOST anything is allowed. And by saying almost anything, I mean you can wear whatever your heart wishes to, but remember to always keep a balance. Being in fashion, does not mean wearing all the latest trends in one outfit. It means using SOME elements in your outfits!

So…I know I said that I don’t like shiny, glittery, bling bling stuff very much but when I saw this specific dress, I just couldn’t resist. I knew from the very first day that I saw it, when I was viewing the Main Fall/Winter 2015 Just Cavalli collection in Milan in order to buy for  SHE Boutique , this is the dress I wanted to welcome the New Year in. A gorgeous knitted black/gold dress that consists of different patterns that refer to the Cavalli prints, a unique dress that reminds us of the older years, giving a sense of a vintage mood with the pleats below the waist. It is like they picked a dress from another era and remade it into a newer version. Basically, it is another example of how fashion goes round and around, back and forth.

I believe that you all recognise the small box I am holding that is known to be a clutch bag. However, this is not an ordinary clutch. It is the Alexander McQueen Crystal Britannia Skull Clutch in black, an amazing clutch that I hold only on very special occasions. With this dress, this bag was the best choice, that added some more bling bling to the outfit but also made the outfit eadgier with a rock twist, which I loved. In order to enchance this rock twist, I chose to wear my Just Cavalli black stilettos with gold studs that toned down the whole bling bling situation and brought outfit together.

Because the neckline of the dress is relatively high, my hair should be away from my face, thus I had two options; sleek back or ponytail but I decided to do the sleeked back hair because I wanted to try something new as a hairstyle on me and also combine the vintage elements of the dress with the modern essence of this specific hairstyle.

For makeup, I went for a brownish smokey eye with black eyeliner and my favourite Mac lipstick called ‘Amorous’. I am also wearing my brand new blusher that is in the form of a stick by Jane Irredale from Beauty Salon by Fotini , but I will talk in depth about it in another post.


– When deciding to combine many blng bling stuff together in an outfit, try to match different kinds of bling bling together like crystals, with glitters and studs, in order to keep a balance.

– There are some specific garments that bling blings are allowed on, i.e. a dress or a top but avoid leggings with sparkles and glitters.

– If you are more conservative but want an advice on how to make your outfit more festive, then why don’t you try out a pair of glittery stilettos? Or even just a clutch bag with spakles, crystals or gem stones? There are quite a lot in the market at this moment.

– I always say that sometimes less is more, so there’s no need to go over the top if you don’t know how. All you need is a smokey eye, a dark lipstick, some high heels and a pair of earings and your outfit will be transformed from simple to festive 🙂

– Leave your jeans for one night, in your closets. Tomorrow is not a jeans’s night!

Feel free to use the hashtag #thequeensclosetbyg on Instagram when posting your festive outfits, so I can see them.

For now, Happy New Year!

Peace & Love,







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