Post #4: Black & White, and Cheese & Wine

So what have you been up to fashionistas?

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So for today we are going to talk about a colour combination that has been around for quite a while (for forever actually!!). As the Fashion Marketeer and Buyer of  SHE Boutique, I had to be present at their Pre-Christmas Cocktail Party last Saturday 19/12/2015. I have to say that the event was successful and we all enjoyed it with some Cheese & Wine, accompanied by Christmas music.

Since it was a festive event, I decided to dress up and get into the Christmas mood 🙂 That immediately meant that there was going to be some red or burgundy in my outfit of course and here is where I got excited as I would get to wear my favourite culottes! For those, who do not know what culottes are, it’s a trousers that seems like a skirt. Unbelievable but these culottes were originally invented in the Victorian Era for horseback riding so that women could sit astride a man’s saddle!!! Yet, today they are so in fashion, they are basically one of the hottest trends for this season and they will continue to be in the next one, and the one after the next one too and I can assure you of this as I have already been buying for SHE Boutique for the Pre-Fall 2016 season. However, there are different types of culottes so I again advice you to choose whatever shape suits you and not what you see on others. Mine, is a black Silvian Heach heavy jersey pair of culottes that gives the impression of a skirt with pleats. It’s wider than the usual culottes, but I love them because they are so easy to wear, you feel like wearing nothing, and depending with what else you wear them with, they can be worn anywhere, from early morning to a Christmas reveillion. You can also find in stores, culottes that are less wider and they come in many different materials, like suede, tensile jeans, cotton, or even leather. Thus, you will have a variety of options to try and see which ones suit you best but if you want a pair of culottes that will be easy to wear, choose a pair like mine.

As I am saying in the title, this post is about Black & White. Therefore, if my culottes were black it means that my top must have been white that day. I have worn my culottes with black before also, but since it’s Christmas and since most of the time I go with dark colours, I decided to change a bit and wear a loose white blouse tucked in only at the front. I have to admit that indeed the outfit looked much better with the white blouse and brightened up the whole look. So no matter how much I love Black, sometimes Black also needs its White to work out 🙂 What is nice with this blouse, is that it’s got a leather trim on the neckline and a small pocket and this makes it easy to wear with anything from jeans hanging loose for a laid-back style to tucked in to high waisted skirts for a more sophisticated look.

We all know that Black & White goes perfectly with red but burgundy too (one of my favourite colours). If you want to keep your Black & White outfit interesting then, always add a bit of colour in any way possible (shoes, handbags, lipstick, jewellery, coat). I decided to go with burgundy this time as I really wanted to wear my gorgeous brand new pair of burgundy lace up stilettos by Alessandra Paggioti. Check them out because they are some of the best lace-up stilettos in the market now.

And do you know what was missing? My Cavalli Class burgundy bag of course! From my own personal knowledge on this matter, I have to tell you that this specific family from the Cavalli Class Fall/Winter 2015 collection, was sold out in every store in Cyprus in just a matter of days! I believe that no one wonders why, the answer is pretty obvious 🙂 I can now also advice you that this size for handbags is the perfect size because it can be held with any outfit, any time of the day. I always say that nowadays, there’s no need for your shoes to be set with your handbag, but this time I was wrong because this outfit just needed the combination of both the shoes and the handbag to stand out.

To complete the outfit the Mac lipstick ‘Amorous’ was needed that is in the shades of my shoes and handbag and my Michael Kors gold watch with emerald green (I referred to it in a previous post) to break the colour matching combination.

And because Christmas is for Family moments, I couldn’t resist in showing you some pictures of family moments too 🙂


– If you want an alternative colour combination with your Black & White outfit, choose Blue electric, Emerald green, Yellow or Baby pink.

– Be careful what lace-up stilletos you choose to buy, because you must always have in mind that those shoes that are up to the ankle, they can make you look shorter. Choose a pair of lace-up stilettos that are not very closed and do not have many laces.

– Wear your culottes with platform trainers and a short leather biker jacket for a smart casual outfit.

– Always have a burgundy lipstick in your beauty products. It is going to be around for a while.

Peace & Love,





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