Post #3: Mixing & Matching

Hello again Fashionistas 🙂

These days have been quite busy so I have loads of things to talk about and I could be writing for days but I decided to split them up so that I don’t become tiring 😉

Today we will be talking about Mixing & Matching, which means; choose and take different elements, mix them up in a shaker and see what comes out 😛 I’m only joking but actually this is the direct translation to Mixing & Matching in my own way of thinking.

Well, who thought that one day we would be wearing the all time classic midi skirts with long loose tops, Adidas Superstars and backpacks?! I certainly did not! Growing up, I saw my mum and aunties wearing those feminine midi skirts and I always believed that those skirts were the absolute femininity symbol; that they should always be matched with a pair of high stilettos, a silky blouse tucked in or a revealing top. Actually, to be completely honest, I was waiting that day that I would be big enough to wear them myself. Then they would wear a massive fur coat for coverage and the red lipstick and that was it; I had a complete image of what a woman should look like (Yes, I know that’s not the case anymore!). As the years were passing by however, I watched my mum replacing her lady-like stilettos with high boots that began as pointy but they also turned into round shaped after a couple of years. It’s pretty amazing how trends change as the years pass by right? But I guess, that’s how it has to be. Fashion changes, it goes back and forth, round and around, transforms then returns to its original format but it’s always there and surprises us season by season.

So we come to the present day, where I am all grown up and finally wear the midi skirts. But the question is how do I wear it? Certainly not with stilettos, silk blouses and fur 🙂 (Well, okay that’s not so honest, as I do wear them like that too, but in different occasions). Today, I am playing my favourite game which is not other than Mixing & Matching of course. I actually catch myself playing this game most of the time. And believe me, this is the best way to create your own style, define your personality and get to know what exactly you have in your wardrobes; to play with materials, different textures, different shapes and all those weird and strange ideas that are stuck in our heads. I just love it, it’s an adventure in my closet but I feel that it’s an adventure in my personality too (into the wild kinda thing :)).

From this Mixing & Matching, I ended up wearing my favourite jersey Lolas y L midi skirt, which is black with two zips – one at each side – that you can adjust according to where you like the split to be. It is also shorter at the front and longer at the back with a finish that is full of small black studs that shine just a bit, making this skirt playful and different.

On top, I found myself wearing an oversized long Lolas y L top, which is also shorter at the front and longer at the back. What’s interesting with this specific top, is that at the back it splits into two, and in that split there are fringes starting from the very top to the bottom. It also has two big blue cat eyes. Anyone knows who those eyes belong to? To the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland! Because after all, I am still a kid deep inside!

Once again, I am holding my Silvian Heach backpack that ended up matching with nearly every single piece i’ve got in my closet and for shoes, I think that no recommendations are needed; we all know the legendary Adidas Superstars. These shoes just make the outfit look comfy (which it is), cooler, fun and with an attitude, which is what I was aiming for. Superstars, are so in Fashion now and can be used as a perfect example for what I was talking before. Fashion is a cycle, it goes back and forth, so did Adidas Superstars that were in fashion many many years ago and suddenly the became again the new craze, which is great because apart from the fact that they are so comfortable, they are also cool and trendy!

My sunglasses are the Miu Miu with crystal grey round frame with pentagonal-shaped lenses and antiqued metal temples. And of course, my lipstick is the Mac ‘Persistence’, one of the hottest lipstick colours for this season.


– Try to mix & match and see what the result is. If your Mixing & Matching ends up successfully, believe me you’ll be the most satisfied and proud person ever!

– However, don’t overdo it. Try different combinations, because it is the only way to discover what works out for you and what not, but always remember that mixing too many different materials never works.

– Try your Adidas Superstars with any outfit to see which ones it works with and with which ones not. You’ll be surprised by how many ways there are in wearing them.

– BUT, since they are bulky as shoes, aim in wearing them with skinnier trousers. Or wear them with your favourite midi or mini skirts like I did.

– Don’t stick to what top goes with what skirt/trousers. This belongs to the past. Experiment, use your fantasy and play with your clothes. Fashion is not what we are offered four times a year. It’s about what we do and how we adjust it to our style.

– This outfit can easily become your day to night outfit, simply by wearing your trainers during the day and change to stilettos or ankle boots for the night.

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Peace & Love





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