Post #1: Ripped Jeans

Good morning Fashionistas šŸ™‚

Today is a ripped jeans day! So who loves them? I bet you there’s no closet that’s missing them šŸ˜‰ One reason that they are so popular and fast-selling is due to the fact that they can be worn literally anywhere; from a casual morning coffee to a glamorous night out and they add a bit of a rocky edge and attitude to the whole outfit!

However, when choosing what ripped jeans to buy, you must always have in mind one thing; there are so many different styles and shapes of ripped jeans and jeans in general, so choose wisely which you are going to buy, always having in mind your body type and shape because jeans can either flatter you or ‘destroy’ your outfit completely!

I chose a skinny 7/8 ripped jeans as they suit my body type perfeclty, compared to the boyfriend jeans, which do not complement me at all. It took me a relatively long time to find the pair of ripped jeans that would make me say ‘they are the ones’, until I discovered the Silvian Heach skinny ripped jeans from their Pre-Fall 2015 collection. They are absolutely amazing!

Now, when it comes to what you should wear on top, I suggest that you choose something plain, like a t-shirt with a stamp, a monochromatic or colour blocking (two colours) jumper (oversized or not) or even a classic shirt. Too many prints or complicated designs will make your outfit just too much, unless your ripped jeans are rather plain. Since my ripped jeans are somewhere in the middle (not too ripped but not plain either), i chose a plain shirt by Taifun collection and a t-shirt with a small design at the front by Lolas y L to keep it classy, comfy and minimalistic. For coverage, I chose a short black leather jacket (an all time classic) and a black & white faux fur waistcoat from the Main Fall/Winter 2015 Silvian Heach collection.

So as far as shoes and accessories are concerned, you can match them with absolutely anything, yet still this depends entirely on the shape of the ripped jeans you decide to wear. BUT, i would recommend you wearing chunky booties with the skinnier jeans so that they don’t make you look too bulky. I chose a pair of burgundy All Stars and a pair of Superstars because I love trainers but you can also wear them with heels. In addition, I held a black Silvian Heach backpack with gold details that has proved to be my favourite item this season!

The sunglasses I am wearing in the photos are the tricolour Fendi ‘METROPOLIS’ in black, camel and grey-clear and my watch is the Daniel Wellington ‘Classic Sheffield’ in rose gold.


– to create a bohemian look, some prints are allowed as long as they are not too fussy and busy!

– for and edgier look, a blazer would be a good choice.

– for a night out, a silky blouse and a pair of lace-up stilettos would make your outfit stand out.

Please do feel free to send me some pictures of your own outfits with ripped jeans if my advice has helped you, on Instagram where you can find me as ‘the_queens_closet_by_g’. Use the hashtag #thequeensclosetbyg.

Peace & Love,







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